Booking conditions for online booking

Please read the conditions carefully as you will be bound by them. Visit Narvik AS is responsible for forwarding your booking to the relevant supplier. It is the supplier’s responsibility to provide the activity, rental equipment or accommodation in line with your booking. We will ensure you receive relevant information before your arrival/tour, and will contact you in the event of any major changes or cancellation of your booking. The agreement may apply to accommodation, an activity, product, service or a combination of these.

Your contract is with Visit Narvik AS. When you book with us, the contract will exist as soon as the booking has been confirmed by us. Visit Narvik AS will then become responsible for forwarding your booking to the relevant supplier, while you will become economically responsible for the order. You also confirm to have authority to accept and do accept on behalf of your party the booking conditions and accept responsibility for making all payments to us for all members of the party. You will be responsible to check that the confirmation document of your reservation is according to your booking, and that the names on the documents are correct spelled according to passports for your party. You will also be responsible for ensuring that all other members of the party are kept fully informed of what is booked and any changes made.

The booking system handles reservations up to 9 people. Your reservation is confirmed when you receive a confirmation on email with a booking reference number. We recommend all of our guests to print this confirmation and to bring it with you when you arrive for your stay/tour. You must be minimum 18 years of age to book with Visit Narvik AS. It is also possible to book by phone or e-mail, but a service charge of NOK 150 per booking applies.

Special conditions for booking of Wolf Visit

All guest participating in Wolf Visit at Polar Park must read and sign a contract stating the rules and conditions for Wolf Visit. The contract is to be signed on place in Polar Park, however when you agree the online booking you also agree on the following conditions that are also stated in the contract:

  • The visitor must be able to understand and speak Norwegian and/or English.
  • The visitor must be 18 years of age or older to sign the contract and participate in Wolf Visit.
  • The visitor must be taller than 160 cm and must be in good physical shape. *1
    The visitor has the responsibility to ask questions regarding the safety rules if the visitor finds anything unclear.
  • The visitor is not allowed inside the enclosure if the visitor has consumed alcohol on the day of the Wolf Visit.
  • The visitor cannot be under the influence of drugs or strong medicine (medicine that is marked with a red triangle)
  • The visitor must at all times follow the animal keepers’ instructions during the visit in the wolf enclosure.
  • The visitor participates in Wolf Visit at his/her own risk.
  • The visitor can not wear clothing in the outer layer made from fleece, fibre, down, leather, fur or any animal produce.
  • The visitor can not wear gloves or headwear, cover their face and eyes in any way (dark glasses, scarves e.g.)
  • Polar Park has the right to refuse any visitor access to the enclosure. *2
  • Polar Park is not responsible for damages to personal clothing, shoes or other personal items, e.g. cameras or mobile phones. The visitor uses the personal items at his/her own risk.

*1 This means that the visitor is able to walk normally, will be able to sit on their knees on the ground for a longer period of time, and easily get up from this position again. Visitor felling poor, who have operations wounds or bigger wounds that have been treated in hospital, are sick or poor in physical shape, will not be allowed to participate in Wolf Visit. The visitor is advised to inform the animal keepers during the safety instruction if they have any medical conditions that make them stand out and therefore could attract the attention of the wolves. This could for example be pregnancy, hormonal changes or ticks.

*2 Polar Park has the right to interrupt and stop a Wolf Visit if a guest does not follow the above stated rules. No refunds will be given.

Visit Narvik AS sets guarantee according to the law «Pakkereiseloven» and therefore provides security as provided in the law. For more information about the law you can turn to Reisegarantifondet, Postboks 227, N-4001 Stavanger, or visit

Payment and security
The payment is processed at the time of booking. Visit Narvik AS is responsible for the actual transaction, and for ensuring that the correct amount is charged to your card. We will contact you in the event of problems with your credit card. If we are unable to make contact, your booking will be cancelled. All personal data/credit card information is handled on an encrypted site (SSL 128 bit), so all information provided is secure. Only Visit Narvik AS and the supplier of the relevant product will have access to your name and contact details. This will be used so we can inform you of any changes/cancellation and may be used for various market surveys.


Prices and price categories
All prices are stated in the following currency: NOK. The correct total price of the order will be given before the booking is confirmed.


The supplier determines the price level and the age limits applicable for children’s and youth discounts. Student discount: a valid student card must be presented. Senior discount: applicable for guests aged 67 and over with valid ID. Relevant documentation must be presented on arrival.


Cancellations/changes by the guest

To cancel or change a booking, please contact Visit Narvik AS. All cancellations must be sent via e-mail to [email protected]


Changes made by the customer online will not be added any additional costs as long as they apply to the ordinary cancellation conditions.


For cancellations less than 7 days prior to arrival, please contact both the supplier and Visit Narvik AS.


Visit Narvik has no control over the exchange rate that will be calculated for refunds to credit cards and is not responsible for any loss.


Please note that Visit Narvik AS does not pay any bank fees incurred for international transfers. This fee (approx. NOK 50 per international transfer) will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.


Cancellations can either be done online as long as they apply to the ordinary cancellation conditions or made in writing (email) directly to Visit Narvik AS by the person who made the booking. Cancellation date is the date Visit Narvik AS receives the cancellation.


The following cancellations fees/deadlines apply:

  • A full refund is provided for cancellations made more than 14 days prior to the arrival date/tour date. *
  • 50% of the total amount is refunded for cancellations made 7-14 days prior to the arrival date/tour date. *
  • No refund is provided for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the arrival date/tour date. *


Any changes made by the guest are regarded as a cancellation.


Special conditions for booking of accommodation:
- Check-in and check-out: The check-in time is 15.00 (3pm) on the arrival date. The room must be vacated by 12.00 on the departure date. The room is reserved until 18.00 (6pm) on the arrival date. If you plan to arrive later, you must notify the accommodation provider in advance.
- Liability for damages: The guest, or the guarantor for the room/apartment/cabin, is liable for any damages resulting from negligent or reckless behaviour by the guests.


Cancellations of packages

Package is the definition of several single products tailor made to an event package.

- Cancellation of packages by Force Majeure are fully refundable

- Cancellation of packages up to 40 days before arrival are fully refundable

- Cancellation of packages between 40 and 14 days before arrival are 50% refundable

- Cancellation of packages 14 days or later before departure provides no refund

- A change from your side is considered a cancellation.

For packages and individual products that are booked at a promotional price, the cancellation fee is 100%, unless otherwise agreed.

If you have to cancel your trip for reasons covered by your insurance you should apply your insurance for reimbursement of cancellation fees.

Please note that some our subcontractors and associates require other terms of cancellation in addition to ours. This applies in particular to the reservation of flights and hire cars. In such cases you will be informed of these regulations when you book.


Group booking
Please contact Visit Narvik AS per telephone or email if you want to make a group booking.


Insurance/Cancellation protection
We advise our clients to have good insurances before your trip, in case of illness, damage to goods, accidents, liability and the like.

Our subcontractors/suppliers
Visit Narvik AS is responsible for ensuring that our subcontractors are paid for what you have booked through us. Our subcontractors are responsible for each part of your program, including full insurance, permits, equipment, staffing, etc., which are in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations that apply to the provider.


Cancellations and changes from Visit Narvik AS
We reserve the right at any time to change information and correct any errors in our brochures, our website or invoices. If changes have been made before you've made your booking, we are obliged to disclose such before we confirm capacity. In some cases, we reserve the right to cancel your trip if the minimum number of participants is not reached. If a cancellation occurs on those premises, and you don’t accept alternative options, we refund 100% of your payment.

Visit Narvik AS can cancel or change a booking without liability, assuming we can prove that it is not feasible to conduct the tour as a result of circumstances outside our control, and which we could not reasonably be expected to have taken into consideration when the agreement was signed, and that neither Visit Narvik AS, or someone we are responsible for, could avoid or prevent the consequences of. Including weather conditions, nature disasters, breakdowns, labour etc. (Force Majeure). Visit Narvik AS is in such cases obliged to inform and repay the total price, minus the benefit the customer had from the product / trip.

Claims, complaints etc
Please note than any claims or complaints related to specific products must be directed to the supplier concerned. Visit Narvik AS is not responsible for the individual products. Visit Narvik AS is only responsible for forwarding your booking to the supplier, who is in turn responsible for providing the activity, accommodation or rental equipment in line with your booking. It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that safety and provision of the product is in line with the product description.


If any dispute arises between the parties, you can contact Reklamasjonsnemda for Selskapsreiser, Postboks 2924 Solli. 0230 Oslo. For more information about Reklamasjonsnemda, please visit

Our liability to you
We limit liability for damage you or someone in your party may be incurred in accordance with relevant international conventions, including claims related to death, injury, delay to passengers and loss, damage and delayed baggage.


When you book travel arrangements with us, you take the responsibility for ensuring that you and your traveling companions behave so as not to annoy other fellow travellers or may cause safety or practical problems for the organizer. If your actions or omissions cause damage to property in the provision of the contractual arrangements, or cause any delay or diversion of a flight or other means of transportation, you agree to hold us completely harmless against any claims (including labour fees and legal costs) made against us by or on behalf of the owner of such property. There will not be any liability from our or any of the suppliers for any reimbursement, compensation or costs incurred in this way. Furthermore, we shall be entitled to have all costs covered from the incident where the passenger is involved.

All passengers ensure that they are fit to travel. Visit Narvik AS cannot accept liability for situations that may arise as a result of us not being informed about a condition or disability that existed beforehand. Travelers with physical or mental disabilities or other conditions that may require special assistance, e.g. using regular or motorized wheelchairs, guide dogs etc., must notify us in writing before the order is placed. Passengers who use wheelchairs or may need special assistance, must be accompanied by someone who can assist them.

GDPR Privacy
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enshrined in European law in 2018, and this means that new rules for privacy applies.
The new regulations give businesses such as Visit Narvik AS new duties and Visit Narvik 's customers/guests/bookers new rights.

GDPR/Privacy for:
Visit Narvik AS
Kongens gate 41, 8516 Narvik, Norway
998 635 349

New regulations came into force in May 2018 and Visit Narvik follows these new EU-based regulations. Visit Narvik has internal control procedures for the processing of personal information and other information that Visit Narvik receives from bookings. Personal information will not be sold or otherwise distributed to anyone other than those who need such information in order to implement the agreement/order including additional services.

The booker/guest/recipient of news e-mails, recipient of text messages and other market activity, will at any time be able to request the deletion of all information that is saved and which Visit Narvik is not obliged to retain under any other law or regulation.
The booker/guest will, unless the data has been required to be deleted, receive a newsletter from Visit Narvik or from one of the marketing names, and recipients may upon receipt of this immediately request that all information that Visit Narvik has saved shall be deleted at no charge.

By ordering accommodation, purchase of tickets or similar, this is considered as entering into an agreement with Visit Narvik and Visit Narvik is then required to register personal information. The booker agrees, at the time of the order, that Visit Narvik as Personal Data Manager, can use the information provided to implement Visit Narvik ‘s obligations in relation to the booker. If required, it may be necessary to transmit the information to partners in order to provide information, offers and services around the booker’s booking via e-mail, telephone, SMS and e-mail mailings. 

Everyone who receives e-mails or is or has been a customer of Visit Narvik or has subscribed to a newsletter/e-mail and has in connection with the order/newsletter/e-mail given their e-mail address and telephone number. It is hereby notified that Visit Narvik will send relevant information to the booker. The booker will be able to obtain information about a service that the booker did not know about, but the information should enable the booker to get better experiences in and around Visit Narvik.
Sending e-mail/text messages only involves the use of e-mail and/or telephone number, not any other personal information. It will be apparent from the e-mail where we have got the e-mail address from and that it is not used for purposes other than e-mailings. The content of the e-mail explains how the recipient can easily state that he/she does not wish to receive e-mails anymore and the booker can also request that all information about the booker that is registered shall be deleted.

Visit Narvik processes personal information to bookers, users and customers using Visit Narvik services. Visit Narvik takes care of the person's/guest's personal information and complies with applicable laws at all times to protect the recipient as a person. 

Visit Narvik acts as the data controller of personal information in connection with the services and in connection with bookings/reservations.  Personal information means all information directly or indirectly linked to a living person.

Visit Narvik’s goal is to maintain a high level of protection for personal information. Visit Narvik primarily uses personal information to manage, operate, develop and maintain benefits, process reservations, optimize the user experience in terms of benefits and adapt our communication with the recipient/booker/guest. Visit Narvik exclusively collects the personal data that is relevant for the purpose for which the customer has ordered. The information collected includes, for example, information about the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, login information, language, user history, travel information, reservation preferences, payments, position, contact person in case of emergency, particular allergens, disability and other information the guests/applicants have provided in connection with the use of our services. 

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to fulfil contractual obligations and also offer a more flexible and individualized service and product. In making a reservation, Visit Narvik uses personal information to:

Manage, provide, develop and maintain services.

Process orders and service requests.

Contact the guests, for example by SMS, other mobile application or e-mail, or notify guests about reservation status or anything else in connection with the reservation before, during and after their stay.

Individualize our communication with the guests regarding the services, e.g. by creating a profile for you and sending you offers that match your profile as a user of our services.

Analyse statistics and user behaviour in relation to our services.

Improve bookers’/guests' advantages with our products and services in a way that Visit Narvik believes benefits the booker/guest.

Promote services and products, directly or indirectly to the booker.


The booker is always entitled to request that Visit Narvik, without cost, deletes the data recorded on the guest and Visit Narvik undertakes to do so, unless other laws prevent this.
Visit Narvik uses cookies for its digital services. Further information about Visit Narvik ‘s use of cookies, what cookies are used, and how to avoid cookies can be found at

In cases where there is a legal requirement for consent to be obtained for processing certain types of personal information or for a particular processing, consent will be obtained from the booker prior to processing the information.

Visit Narvik can, for example, be required to disclose personal information to third parties such as the police or other public authority, if this is in connection with the investigation of a crime, or if Visit Narvik is required to disclose such information by law or by decision of a public authority.

If the booker has questions, comments or complaints about Visit Narvik processing of personal information and compliance with the terms of use, please contact:             

Visit Narvik

Kongensgate 41

8514 Narvik


[email protected]


If complainants do not accept the answers we give, we ask that complaints be addressed to the Data Protection Authority.

Visit Narvik AS, Postboks 338, 8507 Narvik, Norway