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With an astonishing, atrctic nature as a backyard, the city offers a wide range of activites and experiences bot in winter and summer.

The combination of spectacular arctic scenery with dramatic World War II history and the Arctic Ofoten railway makes this a unique destination.

Narvik was the first industrial town in northern Norway and was given town status in 1902 as the construction of the Ofoten Railway was completed. A town centre was formed and its unique culture was, and still is, influenced by Swedish Navvies, British engineers and sailors from across the world. Located 45 km from the Swedish border you can visit two countries in one day. Every year in March, Narvik also celebrates the ‘Winter Festival’ in remembrance of the navvy period and of course Narvik’s WW2 history. The festival is a wonderful experience and highly recommended.

Narvik and the other Ofoten municipalities have vast areas of unspoilt nature, mountains and sea, and can offer an abundance of nature activities both in the wintertime and summer. In the wintertime it is very special here above the Arctic Circle. The dark period in the wintertime for many of us who live so far north is extremely unique and challenging and though it sounds strange, the dark period can be quite magical. Landscape and light changes constantly in the wintertime and no two days are the same. A train journey from Narvik through a ‘Arctic Sahara’ to the Swedish boarder is highly recommended especially when the sun is back after the dark period.

In the summer hiking options in the Narvik and Ofoten region are endless. The stunning nature, with its mountains and fjords offers summit walks up to a height of 1,500 metres and long hikes in the mountains. Play golf, try your hand at fishing or just relax and take in the stunning scenery. All this is so much better when you have 24 hour light and the ‘Midnight Sun’ in the summer months.

The people of Narvik are always on hand to offer advice or point you in the right direction and are well known for their warmth, sense of humour and hospitality. Narvik Council look forward to your visit and wish you a safe and exciting journey to our wonderful town and region.




Adm. center

3 195 km²

21 530

Highest mountain
Storsteinsfjellet (1893,3 m)

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