Morgans Ship in Gratangen

Morgans skip

Polar Park in Bardu

Polar Park i Bardu

Skitouring at Spanstinden in Lavangen


Mountain climbing at Stetind in Tysfjord

© Rune Dahl

The Stone Church in Evenes

Steinkirka Evenes

Welcome to the Narvikregion

a region of contrast

The Narvikregion is situated in the northern part for Norway above the arctic circle and right under the Northern Lights Oval. Between steep mountains and narrow fjord with the astonishing arctic nature as a backdrop, the region offers a wide range of activities and experiences.

Experience the magnificent nature of the Narvikregion

In the Narvikregion you are never far from fjord and mountains. The region has countless opportunities for hiking, with fantastic nature and exciting history. Different range of difficulty from beginners, to intermediate and adrenaline seekers.

The Midnight Sun

From mid-may until the end of July the sun never sets in the Narvikregion. This phenomenon is commonly known as the midnight sun. There is no need to get up early to seize the day as you have daylight 24/7. Even in August and September the sun lingers above the horizon until around 9 p.m

The Northern and Arctic Lights

The Narvikregion is located in the centre of Hålogaland historic region, which according to scientists, can be translated as The Land of The Northern Lights. We are within the auroral zone and this spectacular phenomenon can be experienced from the beginning of September to the middle of April.

What part of the Narvikregion do you want to explore?