Approved and labeled

In 2022, the Narvik region was approved and labeled as a Sustainable destination. Our focus lies within preserving our nature, our culture and our environment, strengthening our social values and our economic viability. 

For us, it is important that while devoloping the tourism industry, we prioritize low impact on the environment and culture while ensuring a positive impact and development for the local population, tourism companies and visitors. Being labeled as a Sustainable destination does not mean that we are one hundred percent sustainable, but we are continously and systematically working on constant improvement.


Focus areas



Partnerships for the goals

Partnerships and cooperation for reaching the goals is important to Visit Narvik. A survey shows that our members and partners choose cooperation as their most important priority out of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals.

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Climate and environment

Not only will we preserve - we aim for development according to regenerative principles.

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Social values

Knowledge, equality, culture, diversity, justice, health and activity are importanct key words for Visit Narvik when working towards increased social values.

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Economic viability

Increased local value creation is most important when we are working with sustainable development.

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This is how we work with sustainability

Through our concept Arctic Kids, we show how we work with sustainable development.

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Strategies, analyses and reports
for sustainable development


Action plans

Our destination's action plan includes ongoing and planned actions to ensure that the Narvik region invests in the future.

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Analyses of the destination, possibilites and demand are key factors for development.

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Arctic Kids


Visions and decided directions for our destination are important for us to follow.

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Barekraftig reisemaal merke

Sustainable destination 

Our destination is part of the labeling scheme Sustainable destination

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At Visit Narvik we take our environmental impact very seriously. That is why we are certified as Eco-Lighthouse

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Certified Companies

Certified companies

Visit Narvik highlights our members that are environmentally certified and invest in the future.

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