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Arctic Train

An unforgettable journey through a beautiful and wild arctic landscape.

Arctic Train transports you 43 kilometres through a desolate, wild and beautiful landscape along the Ofot line. The line stretches from Narvik in Nordland to Kiruna in Sweden and is Norway’s most northerly railway. From the ice-blue fjord in Narvik to the bare mountains in Sweden, there are several historical events that form a dramatic backdrop for the experience.

An unforgettable journey
With towering mountains, dramatic waterfalls and fantastic views of the fjord, this journey goes through a beautiful and wild arctic landscape. The train makes several stops along the way to ensure you get the most out of the trip, and with the help of the ”Voice of Norway” app you can listen to the history of the places you pass on the journey.

The Ofot line
The construction started at the end of the 19th century and stretched a couple of years into the next century. The railway was built to ensure access to an ice-free export port for the huge iron ore deposits from northern Sweden. Itinerant workers, so-called ”rallers” sought their fortune in what was referred to as Europe’s ”Klondyke”, and at most over 5,000 people were involved in the construction of the track.

A rich and dramatic history
As an export route for Europe’s largest and most important iron ore deposits, the route was particularly important to control during the Second World War. Therefore, the myth of warfare during the Battle of Narvik took place in the immediate vicinity of the railway. The history connected with the development of the railway, together with the acts of war in 1940, forms a dramatic backdrop for the train journey.