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Arctic Kids

- Arctic Adventures for the entire family

In Narvik, a new Arctic adventure awaits at the end of every trail.

Emerging from the last ice age, through a 13,000-year-long process, ancient mountains and rock formations were finally released from the grip of ice. Slowly but surely, a wild and beautiful world emerged into the light - the Narvik region. A raw and magnificent landscape full of adventures and experiences for the whole family.

In the beginning, we all lived out in this nature. We found everything we needed in the forest, on the mountains, in the sea, and on the plateaus. And we had to figure everything out ourselves. There were no tablets or mobile phones where we could Google all the answers. In many ways, it was a somewhat delightful time. The world lay open and undiscovered before us; there were no boundaries. We could go in any direction we wanted and follow the path we desired to explore new lands.

Arctic family vacation

In Narvik, we still have a similar experience. Of course, we have Google and mobile phones and such, but we still have many exciting trails that lead to new adventures and awesome experiences, both in our city and out in nature. Narvik is simply perfect for a family adventure vacation.

You can ski in the middle of the city; you can visit Norway's rugged national mountains, and you'll get echoes from the mountains when you shout out in joy after catching the first trout of the trip. Here, you'll find an equestrian center, cool cycling trails, beautiful hammock spots, and, not least, we have our own Arctic train.

Memorable family adventures

In Narvik, every trip to the shore is a journey of discovery, every pond with tadpoles is a research project, and every excursion is a bonding family expedition that turns the vacation with the kids into a memorable adventure.

And here, we happily award Michelin stars for toasted marshmallows and lukewarm sausages.

And remember, when a true Arctic Kid is out in nature, they do lots of cool things without leaving a trace behind.

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Arctic Kids 

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