Kjøretøyhistorisk Museum

Narvik Vehicle Historical Museum

The museum contains exhibitions showing the rich vehicle history of Narvik, with themes such as everyday motoring, caravanning, roadside environments, bus history, taxi history, ferries and bridges. In addition, the Ofotbanen railway is presented in miniature.

The small train club in Narvik has built up a central part of Norway’s most beautiful railway line Ofotbanen where you can see places like the bridge Nordalsbrua, the stations at Rombak and Bjørnfjell, race superstructures and other typical building and places along the railway. On the model locomotives and wagons that have been and are central to the traffic of Ofotbanen run. You can start these and they automatically run a cycle that you can start again.

The goal is to create an engaging and vibrant exhibition, where some of the content will change from year to year.

The museum is located in the bulding named the 4th corner in the town center of Narvik.
Entrance is at the War Musuem and Touristinformation