Krambuvika bygdemuseum – i sentrum av kampene
Krambuvika bygdemuseum – i sentrum av kampene
Krambuvika bygdemuseum – i sentrum av kampene
Krambuvika bygdemuseum – i sentrum av kampene

Krambuvika village museum - at the center of the fighting

The starting point for one of the routes to the fighting during the mountain war in April 1940. The museum shows dramatic stories and unique objects.

Krambuvika village museum is focusing on the march to the fighting in April 1940.

General Carl Gustav Fleischer had his office in the village and many of the strategic plans were made right here. How did they prepare? What would they be faced with? And how did the locals help?

The exhibitions describe daily life during occupation in a small bay in northern Norway. Here the soldiers came between the battles to rest and prepare before going into battle again. You also get insight into how people lived in the war years after the Nazis occupied their houses and confiscated horses, equipment and vehicles. How did they relate to the occupying forces? What was life like during the war?

The museum houses unique Norwegian and German effects from World War II - both Norwegian and German weapons, equipment and uniforms. The objects provide closeness to the reality of a war. You can also take a closer look at General Fleischer's skis and equipment.

Groups of 15 persons outside ordinary opening hours on request. 

Duration: Recommended time approximately 2-3 hours 

Degree of difficulty: easy 

Wheelchair accessible

Opening hours 2023:

July 1 - September 1, every day from 12 noon - 8 pm with booking before 4pm the day before.

The price includes guided tour of the museum - please contact us to book your guide. Phone number + 47 476 41 864 / + 47 482 05 323 or email [email protected]

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