The analysis of tourism in the Narvik region is a value creation and ripple effect analysis that Menon Economics has carried out on behalf of Visit Narvik in 2022.
The purpose of the report is to analyze the consumption of visitors, the importance of the local market and the production of tourism. We compile a number of sources and methods to provide the best possible overview of the importance of tourism for local value creation and employment in the Narvik region.

The analysis is here (only in Norwegian): Ringvirkningsanalyse av alpin VM

On behalf of Visit Narvik, Menon Economics, in collaboration with Professor Kåre Sandvik, has carried out a ripple effect analysis of FIS Alpine Ski World Cup in Narvik. The analysis from 2022 goes further than just assessing economic ripple effects by also describing the socio-economic utility of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup as a common good for the population. Furthermore, we have analyzed the reputational and marketing effects of the event and what it could mean in particular for the tourism industry. The report highlights the positive effects of FIS Alpine Ski World Cup not only for Narvik, but also the rest of Northern Norway as well as Norway.

The report can be read here (only in Norwegian): Rapport/Analyse av reiselivet i Narvikregionen