Social Values

Social Values

UN's sustainability goal no. 3; Good health and quality of life is one of the most important sustainability goals we work with.

Diversity, knowledge, justice, learning, health and activity are focus areas when it comes to strengthening social values, both internally and externally. Characteristics, attitudes and standards are values that guide our actions internally. Through these we decide what is acceptable or not at work, what is desirable or not desirable, and what should be done or not done. Co-determination rights, transparency, sharing culture, personal development and HSE work are important measures for us, and we have annual routines for improving the working environment internally.

When it comes to sustainable development of tourism at our destination, we work to strengthen the social values by preserving the quality of life in the local community. Those who live here must of course also have access to activities and experiences, and this applies to everyone regardless of gender, race, disabilities or other factors. Concequently, it is important to get the local community and citizens involved in planning, decision-making and development of local tourism. We are also working to strengthen the quality of jobs within the tourism industry, both directly and indirectly, including pay levels and working conditions without discrimination. That is why we conduct citizen surveys and member surveys every 2nd year.

As a destination managment company, it is also important to work with guest satisfaction, we must ensure safe experiences, provide enrichment for all tourists where everyone can participate, regardless of gender, race, disabilities or other factors. That is why we conduct annual guest surveys.

The 10 principles for sustainable tourism are an important guideline for tourism development in the Narvik region.