Visitor guidelines

Welcome to the Narvik region!

Our focus is our raw nature, rich culture, steep mountains, and deep fjords. Our offerings are authentic, providing the strongest experiences. We aim to preserve our unique advantages and, with your visit, enhance them even further!

We hope that all visitors to the Narvik region have a fantastic experience amidst our stunning surroundings. It's our duty to preserve our unique area. Those who came before us carry a responsibility, just as we do, to ensure that those who follow in our footsteps enjoy the same wonderful experience.

Safety first!
When embarking on arctic adventures in the Narvik region, it's crucial to be prepared for various weather conditions to fully relish the experience while staying safe.

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<p>Automatisk generert beskrivelseBefore heading out, always check the weather forecast to dress accordingly. In warmer weather, opt for lightweight, breathable clothing, and don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses to shield yourself from both summer and winter sun.

In cold weather, make sure to layer up with wool closest to your body to retain warmth. Bring along a hat, gloves, and in case of rain, wear waterproof clothing. Don't forget sturdy hiking boots.

When you're outdoors, be aware of any changes in the weather, and seek shelter or safety if necessary. Stick to trails and avoid hazardous areas like steep slopes or rocky terrain. Always carry essential equipment such as maps, a compass, first aid kit, and extra food/drink. And always inform someone where you plan to go before you leave!

Avoid unnecessary risks just to capture a nice photo or get a better view.

In case of emergencies, call 110 for fire, 112 for police, or 113 for medical assistance.

Consider the environment!
When exploring the Narvik region, it's important to be mindful of the environment and consider how your behavior affects it. We all have a role to play in preserving and protecting our surroundings. By choosing environmentally friendly options, we collectively work to preserve our unique nature and cultural heritage.

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<p>Automatisk generert beskrivelseTake your own garbage with you, and feel free to join in picking up litter you find while on your hike. Make sure to dispose of it properly.

Opt for reusable bottles and choose reuse over single-use plastics. Show your support for our local community by shopping locally.

Choose sustainable modes of travel such as walking, cycling, or public transportation to preserve nature. Stick to marked trails to avoid disturbing vulnerable ecosystems and minimize wear and tear on the environment.

Be mindful of your surroundings and strive to leave nature as you found it, or even better!


We kindly request that disposable grills are not used in nature, as they present a fire hazard and are difficult to clean up after use.

Please respect restrictions on campfires; they are prohibited from April 15th to September 15th.

Respect the nature!
When experiencing the arctic nature in the Narvik region, it's very important to respect and appreciate its beauty and vulnerability.

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<p>Automatisk generert beskrivelseFeel free to take the time to observe and appreciate the natural beauty around you without disturbing it. By leaving no trace, you ensure that the landscape remains as beautiful for future visitors as it is for you now.

Please check if you're in a protected area and follow local regulations. Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

If you're camping outdoors, choose safe locations that won't cause erosion.

Use public restrooms when possible, and if you must go outdoors, do so responsibly and well away from water, campsites, and trails. Dig a hole approximately 15 cm deep, and cover it up when finished, for example with stones and moss, so that it won't be dug up by animals later.

Avoid picking flowers or collecting plants, as this harms local ecosystems and reduces plant diversity. Do not feed wild animals, birds, or farm animals - maintain a good distance.

Do not build stone cairns or other landmarks, as this disturbs the landscape and misleads other hikers.

Respect the animals!
When you're in nature in the Narvik region, it's important to show respect for wildlife and their natural habitat. Respect distance boundaries to avoid scaring them or disrupting their behavior patterns. It's important to remember that there are predators in our Arctic nature, and they can react unpredictably to human presence.

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Close all gates behind you when you're out hiking. Follow national and local fishing regulations. For freshwater fishing, adults must pay the national fishing fee and obtain a local fishing permit. Stay informed about specific local restrictions, as well as rules regarding fishing equipment and methods, catch size, and seasons.

Always keep your dog on a leash to protect wildlife and livestock.

Be mindful of signs or warnings, and respect them or take precautions when traveling in these areas. By showing respect for wildlife and their natural habitat, you contribute to maintaining the balance in our ecosystems, ensuring that both humans and animals can enjoy nature in harmony.

Avoid feeding wild animals, as this disrupts their natural diets, and reliance on human food makes them dependent and less adaptable.

Maintain distance from predators and other animals in our nature. Keep away from nesting or breeding areas to ensure that you do not disturb reproductive processes or family units.

Mutual respect!
When you, as a guest in the Narvik region, show respect for nature and wildlife by following our guidelines for visitors and outdoor awareness, you contribute to building good relationships with the local population.

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Culturally: Our local community has deep ties to the nature and wildlife in our areas. By showing respect for our culture, as a guest, you build trust and respect among the local population.

Safety and security: Our local population appreciates guests who take responsibility for their own safety and respect local guidelines and warnings.

The local community gains a positive impression of visitors who show respect, which contributes to increasing the sense of security in the community.

Sustainable tourism: As a guest, when you follow our precautions to protect our natural resources and wildlife, you demonstrate that you value and support our efforts within Sustainable Destination – the National labelling scheme that the Narvik region is labelled by.

We encourage everyone to join our organized tours and activities, guided by our knowledgeable experts who will lead you through unforgettable and raw experiences!

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