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Gratangen is a small village located 60 km north of Narvik, about 180 km from Tromsø and is a municipality in Troms County in northern Norway.

The European route E6 highway runs through the scenic south eastern part of the municipality giving easy access by car, coach and also for those who prefer to ride a motorbike in the summertime.

The name Gratangen derives from the Old Norse Grjótangr meaning stone fjord and the Sami name for Gratangen is Rivttáid. Gratangen is surrounded by mountains, lakes and of course the beautiful Gratangsfjord. Ideal for the outdoor enthusiast wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We guarantee no crowds, heavy traffic or motorways. So, for those who appreciate quietness, amazing scenery, hiking, mountaineering, horse riding, ice climbing, history, landscape photography and of course fishing, it’s perfect and certainly a place you could grow fond of.

The area is also ideal for hunting the magical northern lights, as there is little light pollution. Northern light season is usually good from September through to April. As long as the sky is not cloudy you can experience the Midnight Sun from the middle of May until end of July.

Nordland boats

Gratangen's history with fishing and hunting has contributed toward making the municipality the host township/municipality for the North Norwegian Ship Preservation Centre and Boat Museum. The Boat Museum is located in Gratangsbotn and exhibits Norway's largest collection of Nordland boats and equipment spanning over 200 years. Here you can also rent a kayak for the day.

War history

Gratangen was the site of the Battle of Gratangen, one of the first battles between the German 3rd Mountain Division under Eduard Dietl and the Norwegian 6th Division under General Carl Gustav Fleischer after the German invasion of Norway on 9 April 1940. As you drive along the E6 road, look out for the Monuments of War sign posts so you can stop, view and read about the dramatic war history and The Battle for Narvik 1940.

Authentic accommodation

It is possible for camping and accommodation in and around Gratangen. Foldvik Bryggeferie offers accommodation, snow shoe rental, bicycle rental, boat rental for fishing and leisure. Foldvik Bryggeferie is located on the banks of the fjord near to Grantangen centre and Foldvik brygger (pier). In the summertime it is possible to eat at the restaurant and pub at Foldvik brygger (pier). Visit the outdoor Foldvik market where you can buy and see local produce, arts and crafts this market usually takes place on the second weekend of August.

The world's largest mobile wooden statue

Morgans Ship is the world's largest mobile wooden statue, created by world renowned Swedish artist Calle Örnemark. The large wooden sculpture came to Gratangen in the summer of 2008 and has become a national landmark and tourist attraction. Well worth a visit.


Troms og Finnmark


Adm. center

312,75 km²

1 070

Highest mountain
Læigastind (1331,9 m)

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