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From the fjord to the mountains

An adventurous journey along historic tracks and trails!

The Ofotbanen is one of Northern Norway’s hidden gems. A magical 43 kilometres long of train trip from the Northern Atlantic, into the heart of Ofotfjord, and through the huge mountains on the Swedish Lapland borders.

A marvellous train journey that take you from the fjord to the mountains, a wild journey with a dramatic landscape. Many people assured that the Ofotbanen is the world’s most beautiful train journey, whereas the author Ernst Didring took it far enough to describe it as “The world’s eighth wonder”.


Foto: Josu Media

The perfect start to a family trip

If your aim is hiking in the northern mountains, then the train journey is the perfect way to start the family trip. The end of the train journey in different stations along the track- Katterat, Bjørnfjell and Riksgränsen is only the start to many different hiking opportunities.

You can hike up to several tops, walk along mountain lakes or even hike through the historical trails in the footsteps of the rallers down to the legendary Rombakksbotn by the fjord. If you start your trip at Riksgränsen, then you can tick off that you have crossed Norway by feet! It is also possible to visit one of the tourist cabins, or just simply sleep in your own lavvo on reindeer skin.


Foto: Josu Media

Intense and vibrant

Summer in the mountains on the border knows how to live while it can! You will find mountain fish, reindeers and eagles along the trail, and that is just the common sight. If you are lucky enough, then you might be able to meet the wolverine as well.

At the edges of water, you will notice the colours from the intensely beautiful mountains reflected along the path, and in the late summer, you will see the lakes surrounded with succulent berries abound. When the summer evenings come to an end, you will catch the look of the landscape painted in warm blur, and from the campfire, it will seem as if the myrrh in the bottom of the water is about to catch fire.

Practical Information

Updated train schedule and prices can be found on www.arctictrain.no 

The easiest way is to purchase your ticket at Narvik Station or online at  arctictrain.no

The train ride itself is an attraction that many believe surpasses the Flåms line!

From Katterat Station you walk Navvy road as far as you want and preferably down to Rombaksbotn.

There you can choose if you want to return to Katterat Station and take the next train home, remember to check train times for the last train back.

Or you can book (must be pre-booked) you boat and bus transport from Rombaksbotn and back to Narvik. You can buy this either online here at visitnarvik.com or you can buy it at the Tourist Office in Narvik center

You can also walk the Navvy road by crossing Norway. You start from Riksgrensen, and then take the train from Narvik to Riksgrensen which takes about 50 minutes.

No, only on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer season.

You can book a ticket at visitnarvik.com or you can buy it at the Tourist information Office in Narvik town center

For other days you can contact the boat transport provider directly and arrange pick-up and price.
Mobile +47 99 53 80 45 / [email protected]

The Navvy road a construction road that Narvik and Kiruna municipality built during the construction of the Ofoten railway(1890-1903). The road goes all the way from Tornehamn in Sweden to Rombaksbotn in Norway.
Today it is used as a popular tourist trail and you can choose how far you want to go. Here are some different routes that we recommend:

From Katterat Station to Rombaksbotn

Rallarveien is 6 km from Katterat Station to Rombaksbotn

From Bjørnfjell Station to Rombaksbotn

Bjørnfjell station is located between Katterat and Riksgrensen, and the trip from there to Rombaksbotn is 12.5 km.

From Riksgrensen to Rombaksbotn

You can also walk the navvy road from Sweden if you start at Riksgrensen, this is a 15 km hiking trip. Then you take the train to Riksgrensen and hike from there and down to Rombaksbotn.
If you go from Riksgrensen, you hike across Norway in one day!

Go as far or as little as you want - the choice is yours!

You can of course also choose to only walk part of Rallarveien from Katterat Station also go back to Katterat Station to take the train back to Narvik.
This may be something suitable for those with small children under 6 years and who are not used to going a little longer walks.

The Navvy Road package with train and boat
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