Sustainable destination labeling scheme

The Narvik region is marked as a sustainable travel destination. The labeling scheme is a management system developed by Innovation Norway, for developing more sustainable destinations.

  • The label scheme "Sustainable destination" is owned by Innovation Norway.
  • The scheme is a tool for systematizing the work on sustainability in a destination, and a tool for development.
  • The labeling scheme is approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Norway is one of few countries that has an internationally approved national standard for sustainability in tourism.
  • The labeling of the Narvik region as a sustainable travel destination applies to Bardu, Gratangen, Lavangen, Evenes and Narvik municipality.

The Narvik region was approved as a sustainable destination in February 2022. The Sustainable destination label is valid for three years from approval. To maintain the labeling scheme, the destination must update and improve the answers and documentation every three years.

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