Partnership for the goals

In order to succeed in our work with the sustainability goals, we must cooperate. No one can do the job alone. Visit Narvik has conducted a survey and asked our members and the employees of Visit Narvik, to answer which 4 of the 17 sustainable development goals they rank as most important in their work related to tourism development in the Narvik region. And the answer was - not surprisingly - sustainable development goal no. 17; Collaborate to achieve goals.

Visit Narvik collaborates with the municipalities Evenes, Gratangen, Lavangen, Bardu and Narvik when it comes to tourism development in the region. The labeling of the Narvik region as a Sustainable destination also applies to these 5 municipalities. Visit Narvik alone does not have the authority or resources to implement several of the requirements in the labeling scheme, and thus depends on the municipalities to achieve the goals we have set. We feel that we cooperate well with the municipalities, and have monthly cooperation meetings with the various municipalities.

Cooperation with our members is also important. As of today (2023), we have approximately 60 companies as members, spread over the entire Narvik region. We conduct 2 member meetings per year, one in April and one in October. In addition, we are available at all times if needed by our members. Trust and good relationships are essential for a well-functioning collaboration.

It is also essential for us that the members cooperate with each other, precisely so that we can offer holistic tourism products. The collaboration takes place both within and across industries. The industries consist of experiences and activities, catering, accommodation and transport.

The other 3 sustainability goals that Visit Narvik prioritizes to work with, and which are ranked by employees and members, are:

  • Sustainable development goal no. 3: Good health and quality of life
  • Sustainable development goal no. 11: Sustainable cities and local communities
  • Sustainable development goal no. 8: Decent work and economic growth