Shop 'til You drop

Narvik offers diverse shopping from big centers to cozy local shops.

Discover two large shopping centers and quaint local shops—all within a walkable town center near parking and accommodations. Enjoy nearby parks for post-shopping outdoor relaxation and leisure.

Gear up

Norway's love for outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking, skiing, and fishing means top-quality gear is a priority. Explore a wide range of gear in large stores and specialty shops, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking high-standard equipment.


Discover traditional souvenirs like trolls, glass designs, local jewelry, and unique sheep and reindeer skin products in local shops. Or you can go for warm souvenirs you can wear and discover why Norwegian fashion design is renowned for focusing on functionality, sometimes minimalism, and bright colours.

Local Delicacies

Don't miss out on local food specialties like sausages, fenalår, mountain cheeses, brews and smoked salmon!

VAT/Tax Refund

Numerous shops in Norway offer a VAT refund when leaving the country. Remember to ask the salesperson whether tax-free shopping applies to the shop in question. Narvik Region's shops offer something for everyone, from outdoor gear to distinctive local finds. Come explore and uncover hidden treasures!

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