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Well-being and high quality in fresh surroundings” is the vision of the Bardu municipality.

The vision is simple, but yet it says a lot. Because with dedicated people and a magnificent scenery as their main ingredients, the municipality offer services and experiences of high quality.

Bardu has a lot of beautiful wilderness. Magnificent scenery everywhere you look and experiences you are sure not to forget. The light during the Polar Night, the Cold, the Northern Lights and then in contrast the long summer nights with the Midnight Sun. With these surroundings Bardu has the perfect fishing and hunting base, both winter and summer.

Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre is located in Bardu. Polar Park is the world's northernmost animal park and home to Norway's large predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox.

Two National Parks is located in Bardu (Rohkunborri and Øvre Dividalen) and both of them offer favourable conditions for scenic experiences beyond belief in some of the most remote areas in the country. The “Wilderness Exhibition” with about 10 000 visitors annually, also establish Bardu as an important municipality of the Outdoors.


Troms og Finnmark


Adm. center

2 703,89 km²

3 993

Highest mountain
Vestre Istinden (1489 m)

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