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Practical Information

We have gathered practical inforamtion and tips that will be usefull for your adventure in the Narvik region.

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Norwegian Currency
The currency is Norwegian krone (NOK).

Norway is a mainly cashless country and all major credit and debit cards are widely accepted. Exchanging foreign cash for local cash may be challenging but you will find ATM machines in many places. It’s a good idea to have some Norwegian money when you arrive in the country.


Michael Ulriksen
The Narvik region is located above the Arctic Circle but that doesn’t mean your bones will freeze 24/7.

The warm waters of the Gulfstream provide the Ofot Fjord, including Narvik, with ice free ports during the winter, and summer temperatures of up to 30°C on good days. From the end of May until the end of July you can experience the midnight sun. This means that the sun never sets and we have daylight 24/7.

During winter (October – March) the region has its dark season and in the middle of November the sun disappears until the end of January. Winter temperatures are usually somewhere between +5°C to –15°C, though some days can be much colder - especially when you travel further inland.

See our guidelines on how to dress in the Arctic, for a warm and comfortable experience.