Tollkniver produsert ved Aktiv Ballangen
Aktiv Ballangen AS

Aktiv Ballangen

Aktiv Ballangen AS is a manufacturing and service company in the municipality of Ballangen. The main areas are crafts, gifts and woodworking. Aktiv Ballangen is located 43 km south of Narvik.

Aktiv Ballangen

Aktiv Ballangen AS is a versatile service provider that performs assignments on behalf of companies, the government and individuals.

The company was established in January 2006, and has several departments. Shops,handicraft, carpentry, service groups and firewood production of high quality are some of the areas they work with.

Aktiv Ballangens vision ios to be the "House of Opportunities", focusing on courage, equality, tolerance, responsibility and job satisfaction.

The company offers everything from trade to services. Assignments they perform are sewing and stitching, lawn cutting, painting, shoveling, transportation and more.

Product attributes

  • Local Living