The land of the Midnight Sun

During bright summer nights, the landscapes of the region are bathed in yellow, orange, and red hues from the glowing sun.

The continuous daylight offers 24/7 opportunities to enjoy the day without the rush to rise early. The phenomenon occurs because the midnight sun never sets below the horizon at it's lowest position during a day. And because the sun never sets, the daylight never goes away in the region from late May to mid July. Seize the night at the best midnight sun viewpoints!

During the midnight sun season locals tend to take advantage of the light nights. People of Narvik go on hiking in the late evening or even during the nights. Do as the locals and join an authentic Guided evening Hike for a spectacular midnight sun experience.

Are you searching for a stairway to the Midnight Sun? Climb the 2,117 wooden steps of The Midnight Sun Hiking Steps for a breathtaking vista at the summit. Keep going until you reach the top—your reward is an unforgettable view!

We highly recommend camping under the Midnight Sun at Ballangen Camping and Elvegård Fjordcamp, where you’ll experience unbeatable views. With modern facilities, ample space between guests, and nearby local beaches, you'll have everything you need for a memorable stay and a close encounter with the stunning landscapes of the north.

Few experiences can match fishing in the fjords under the never-setting sun. Witness an incredible play of colors that will take your breath away while catching your own fish and admiring the beautiful Midnight Sun! Boats are available for rent at Garsnes Brygge, Foldvik Bryggeferie, Elvegård Fjordcamp, and Ballangen Camping. Or paddle the fjords in a whole new way: by kayak! Rent a kayak and let the fjords reveal their quiet beauty to you.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a novice, the unique experience of playing golf at Skjomen Golfpark under the midnight sun is an unforgettable adventure that combines sport and nature in an unparalleled way under the glow of the midnight sun.

What is the midnight sun?

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer in places south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle – including the Narvik region located at 68 degrees north.

The earth is rotating at a tilted axis relative to the sun, and during the summer months, the North Pole is angled towards our star. That’s why, for several weeks, the sun never sets above the Arctic Circle. Here, the sun doesn’t set between May 24th and mid July.

Midnight Sun Sea Eagle

3 tips for photographing the midnight sun

The golden glow is what many people remember most about their midnight sun experiences. This tends to accentuate colours and elongate shadows, which provides plenty of scope for dramatic and expressive photography.

Tip 1: Since colours are more vivid in the midnight sun, it is a good idea to keep images simple, concentrating on two or three colours at the most to avoid a messy image.

Tip 2: Foreground images can be used to frame subjects in mid and deep field, creating a better sense of three-dimensionality.

Tip 3: To maximize the impact of the light sky on a landscape, compose your picture in the viewfinder by keeping the horizon a third of a way from the bottom; this will help your camera to expose properly.


Narvikfjellet and the Cable Car

In Narvik we really recommend you to take the Cable Car in the Narvikfjellet up to 656 meter above sea level. From here you will have an amazing view over the surrounding mountains and fjords at the in the midnight sun.

Cable Car


Efjord has so many hidden gems where you can enjoy the midnight sun. See it from Verdenssvaet, one of the worlds largest continous rock surfaces. Easily accessible from the road, it's a favourite destination for hiking and cycling.



See the midnight sun from Northern Norway's own pulpit. From the spectacular top you can see the Lofoten walls as if they are shooting out from the sea, and to the southeast, you will find Stetind guarding its magical kingdom.

Hike description

Beautiful Kjeldebotn

This small scenic village is idyllically located on the south side of the Ofotfjord, one hour drive from Narvik. The low altitude of the mountain range on the oposite side of the fjord makes it possible to enjoy the glowing midnight sun from the beach.

Map Location


Langstranda (The long beach)

If you take the trip 10km north of Narvik, about 10 min drive you will reach Langstranda. Many locals find their way here to swim or to lie in their hammock to enjoy the midnight sun or the sunset

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