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Narvikfjellet Cable Car

Experience Narvik from altitude! The Cable Car takes you up to the Mountain Restaurant 656 mas which is the perfect starting point both in summer- and wintertime for activities such as hiking, mountain biking, recreation, food experiences or just relax under the midnight sun in the summer or enjoy the endless opportunities of alpine skiing in the arctic.

Narvikfjellet opened a brand-new cable car in February 2019 to give their guests the best experience. There is no better place for a panorama view of the town and surrounding scenery both in summer- and wintertime, with rugged mountains emerging straight out of the ocean. There are several viewing platforms and benches where you can sit, relax and savor the view.

The ticket is valid as a roundtrip with the cable car, and can be used at optional times within the opening hours. The ticket return function must be used on the same day as the ticket is activated.

When purchasing this ticket, it is not necessary to select a specific date the ticket will be used. Use today’s date when you make the booking, and the ticket will be activated at the time / day you scan the ticket in the cable car station.

See www.narvikfjellet.no for updated opening hours

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  • Bookable
  • Family Friendly
  • Arctic living
  • Outdoor activity