Midnight Sun Viewpoints

A World Aglow

The Enchantment of Endless Daylight

In the realm of the midnight sun, where the boundary between sunset and sunrise blurs into a single, mesmerizing display, nature bathes heaven and earth in a warm, reddish-yellow hue. Discover the wonders of Northern Norway's enchanting midnight sun from some of the region's most breathtaking viewpoints.

Gazing at the midnight sun as it bathes Narvikfjellet's landscape in golden light.

Rune Dahl


We highly recommend riding the Cable Car at Narvikfjellet up to the Mountain Restaurant at 656 masl. Enjoy an amazing view over the surrounding mountains and fjords under the midnight sun.

Basking in the perpetual glow of the sun that never sets from Northern Norway's own pulpit at Kjerna.

Cikas Edmundas


See the midnight sun from Northern Norway’s own pulpit. From the spectacular top you can see the Lofoten walls and Norways’s national mountain Stetinden, bathed in the midnight sun.

Greeting the midnight sun from the world's largest continuous rock surface in Efjord is a moment of pure awe.

Joakim Blix Jaksland


Efjord has so many hidden gems where you can enjoy the midnight sun. See it from Verdenssvaet, one of the worlds largest continous rock surfaces.

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