Stairway to heaven

Midnight Sun
Hiking Steps


If ascending the hiking steps proves to be an efficient workout for you, it also improves accessibility and safety for reaching the summit.


Don't stop until you reach the top! After 2117 steps you will be rewarded with an incredible view!


Experience a breathtaking vista from the summit while enjoying a rewarding workout on the magnificent Midnight Sun Hiking Steps!.

The Midnight Sun Hiking Steps

Follow the midnight sun 2117 steps up.

The Midnight Sun Hiking Steps, comprising more than 2,100 individual steps, are nestled in the picturesque Spansdalen area, a mere 55 kilometers away from Narvik's city center. Crafted with care, the wooden staircase offers a leisurely ascent due to its well-spaced and gently sloping design, ensuring a pleasant journey for every visitor.

The hiking steps offer convenient access, ample parking, and a charming café at the trailhead."

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Getting there

Midnattsoltrappa can be found within the Lavangen municipality, about a 45-minute drive to the north of Narvik.

To get precise driving directions, simply input "Holmeveien 34" into your GPS or tap the button below to access Google Maps. This address corresponds to the parking lot at the village house in Spansdalen and serves as the sole parking area for Midnattsoltrappa. From this point, it's just a short 580-meter walk to reach the beginning of the stairs.

The wooden stairs seamlessly merge with nature, ensuring an easy ascent.

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The Ascent

The adventure begins at the base of the Spansdalen valley, and you'll easily spot the clearly marked starting point. As you ascend the stairs, you'll gradually climb about 380 meters in elevation, covering a distance of approximately 900 meters.

These stairs have been meticulously constructed to harmonize with the natural landscape, guaranteeing a manageable ascent. Along the staircase, you'll encounter multiple resting spots strategically situated for your comfort and convenience, making the hike accessible and enjoyable for both the young and the elderly.

Breathtaking panoramic views from the lookout platform.

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Reaching the lookout point

Upon ascending 2,117 steps from the base of Spansdalen, you'll ultimately reach the summit. At the lookout platform, you'll be treated to a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and the majestic mountain peaks that encircle it.

Keep an eye out for the information sign featuring all the labeled mountain peaks, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the area's geography. If you've timed your ascent to coincide with the midnight sun, you're in for a truly unforgettable experience with captivating sights stretching before you.