Arctic Train

Economic Sustainability

UN's sustainable development goal no. 8 is decent work and economic growth. That is why we as a tourism destination must offer the most possible value for money, without it coming at the expense of jobs and value creation. Our job will therefore be to influence and collaborate with municipalities, politicians, decision-makers and members, so that the Narvik region has the most sustainable tourism industry possible - creating jobs that promote local culture, local products and local food.

For us at Visit Narvik, decent work and economic growth means that we must contribute and influence to include youth in the labor market, ensure a predictable and safe working environment for our employees. We must offer equal pay for equal work, financial security, and be a safe and secure workplace. We will also work to ensure that our members increase their value creation by attracting more visitors.

Tourism is also an important source of municipal tax revenue for municipalities, while tourism can help reduce municipal expenses. For municipalities choosing to invest in tourism, they contribute to the local industry, i.e. activities, restaurants, accommodation, shopping centers etc. get additional visitors - in addition to the local population who live here. This again means that the local ndustry gets opportunities to invest in more exciting concepts and expand their offerings than they would have if there are few or no visitors. This provides better offers for the local population, which in turn contributes to increased desire to live, desire to stay and attractiveness. From the municipality's perspective, it can be said that the more jobs the tourism industry manages to create through increasing the power of attraction and increasing the number of visitors, the greater the tax revenue for the municipalities. Which in turn means better service offerings for residents, which again contributes to an increased desire to live here instead of moving. This is important for the cities and rural areas of Northern Norway, and this is our focus when it comes to working with UN's sustainable development goal no. 11; sustainable cities and communities.