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Hitler suffered his first defeat in the Battle of Narvik. Norwegian and allied forces recaptured the city after hard battles, before the course of the war led to the abandonment of Narvik. One of the soldiers who left, a young boy from Liverpool, not only had to leave Norway, but also the love of his life, a young Norwegian girl.
When the end approaches and the hour of reckoning has come, what thoughts do you think and what do you focus on? This is how the play Narvik opens. It is a deep dive into emotions, regret, love, friendship put to the test and not least the war. Two friends in an impossible situation. In a radio room on a warship, life changes forever. Black Sea! Steel and water! Two young people are brought together and separated by the same war.

The Battle of Narvik
9 April 2024 marks 84 years since the Battle of Narvik. Unlike in other parts of the country, the allied forces resisted the German invasion in Narvik over time. When the evacuation of the British forces was followed by the Norwegian capitulation on 10 June, the Allies had for periods dominated both on land and in sea and air. The Battle of Narvik has been called Hitler's first defeat in the Second World War, but victory slipped away towards the end. That the battle of Narvik has not had a larger part of our collective war history is strange.

Narvik won "Best New Play at the UK Theater Awards 2017".
The performance has a new premiere during Bodø2024 in connection with the capital of culture project War Travels, which seeks to dramatize the region's under-communicated and intimate war stories along the Nordlandsbanen.
Duration: 2 h
Playwright: Lizzie Nunnery
Re-editing: Ragnar Olsen
Director: Kim Sørensen
Musical direction: Johannes Winther Farstad
Composer: Martin Heslop and Vidar Norheim
Music: Fredrik S. Baden, Johannes Winther Farstad
Scenography and costume design: Gjermund Andresen
Lighting design: Øyvind Wangensteen
Actors: Christine Guldbrandsen, Sondre Krogtoft Larsen, Kristian B. Winther
Musicians: Johannes Winther Farstad and Kari Nesdal Sandnes

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  • 29 July 19:00

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