20 Fun Experiences

The Narvik region is a natural playground for the whole family.

The Narvik region is full of exciting and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! From Bardu in the north to Skjomen in the south, there are plenty of adventures to be had by families with children of all ages. The region’s natural beauty provides the perfect setting for family-friendly activities, and the great outdoors is used as a massive playground for kids and young people.

Whether you’re looking for thrilling outdoor adventures, exciting educational experiences, or just some good old-fashioned fun, the region has something for every member of the family. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable guides and instructors will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time, no matter what activity you choose. So why not come and explore the stunning arctic landscape with us? You’re sure to have a blast!

Experience Narvik and the midnight sun from up on high.

Joakim Jaksland

The Cable car

Hitch to the summits with the spectacular cable car. The top is a great place for hiking, biking, recreation and to enjoy a meal with a view! If you hike down the mountain road you might meet the friendly goats grassing along the road.

An unforgetttable journey with the Arctic Train.

Michael Ulriksen

The Arctic Train

Explore the beautiful and wild arctic landscape with the Arctic Train. Spectacular views of towering mountains, dramatic waterfalls, and the scenic fjord. Come aboard. An unforgettable journey is waiting.

Museums are a popular day out among families.

Michael Ulriksen


Museums are a popular day out among families. You can find a museum on everything from history, navvies, boats, cars, war and more! Museums have a great way of breaking down complex topics and making it visual, fun & unforgettable for children.

Fun at the library

Michael Ulriksen

The Library

The public library in Narvik offers audio books, dual-language books, eBooks and magazines, not to mention the beloved playground outside the building.

Fun time at the Playhouse


Bowling & Playhouse

Gather the entire family for some fun! Narvik Bowling and Kids Playhouse is the place for bowling, playing, eating, snooker and sharing a great time.

Cave Exploration

Michael Ulriksen

Cave hiking

Explore the hidden caves in Salangen. Throughout thousands of years, Sagelva has formed its own underground world. Join us in the caves and experience mastering the real adventurous world.

Wolf kiss

Tomas Eckhoff

Polar Park

You don’t have to travel to Africa to see wild animals. Visit the worlds northernmost animal park and get close to arctic animals. Don’t forget your camera!

The indoor climbing park at Kraft

June Sollund


The indoor climbing park at Kraft in Narvik offer routes and challenges for both young beginners and experienced climbers.

Verdenssvadet in Efjord

Michael Ulriksen

Family friendly hikes

Go on small accessible excursions or aim for the highest peak. The region offers plenty of trails suited for children in all ages. With a variety of animals, waterfalls, mountains, and lakes, there is something for each kid and adult to enjoy.


Rune dahl

Swimming spots

There are several swimming spots around the area. Some of the popular spots for swimming are right in the middle of the city centre. Or venture out to find your very own secluded beach cove. Get your swim gear ready and find your favourite swimming spot.

InterPadel Narvik


Padel Tennis

The mega-sport brings together young and old. Padel offers as a versatile platform, extraordinary opportunities to bring family and sport together. The simplicity and the high fun factor make it possible. Get on the court and start playing.

Pumptrack at Narvikfjellet

Herman Berger


Visit Narvikfjellet for a continuously ride without even pedalling! A modern playground suited for the whole famility.

Sneff Park at Narvikfjellet

Rune Dahl

Sneff Park

Families with children and new beginners have a natural place in Sneff Park by Skistua. Explore the conveyor belt, gentle slopes with fun elements, areas for sledging, and a safe environment for development, play on skis and learning.

Summer pool at Ballangen camping

Ballangen Camping

Ballangen camping

The campsite is all about nature experiences and activities for the entire family. With a heated swimming pool and water slide, miniature golf, and other great nature experiences such as sea- or fresh water fishing. The campsite is well worth a visit.

Exciting posts along the gravel road


Nature trail

Bring your family on an exciting and educational hike along the mountain gravel road in Narvikfjellet. Ten posts with questions, information, tips, and fun illustrations. Pick up your answer booklets, jump on the cable car and hike down.

Pool at Idrettens Hus

Narvik kommune

Public baths

The region offers several public baths with up to 25-metre swimming pools, sauna and a children’s pools. A joyful activity for kids on a rainy day.

Fun skating and activity on the ice

Nordkraft Arenay

Ice Rink

Get excited for fun skating and activity on the ice at Nordkraft Arena. All necessary safety equipment and skates can be rented in the skate rental shop.

Dogsledding in Skjomen

Bergbjørn Fjellservice

Dogsledding on wheels

Go on a dog sledding adventure throughout the summer and autumn, until the snow arrives! This is a fun activity for the whole family, and one for the bucket list. Spend a memorable day as a musher!

An eventful walk in narrow and dark Nazi-bunkers underground

Josu Media

WW2 Bunker Exploration

Take your family to an eventful walk in narrow and dark Nazi-bunkers underground – once occupied by soldiers and weapons, today a memory of a dramatic history.