The Perfect Day Trip

Hike across

The Ofot Line

A stunning train journey from fjord to mountain, unveiling a dramatic landscape.

Hike on the Navvy road

An easy ramble through a magnificent, untouched landscape of mountains, dales and waterfalls.

Scenic boat ride back

Take a boat ride from Rombaksbotn through the captivating Rombak fjord.

The Perfect Day Trip

The perfect day trip for everyone interested in hiking, history, and beautiful Arctic scenery.

This excursion brings together a journey on the northernmost Ofoten Railway, a hike along the historic Navvies' Road, a picturesque boat ride across the Rombaken fjord to Sildvik, and the final leg of the adventure by bus, returning to Narvik. Tie your walking shoes and get out on an adventurous journey along historic tracks and trails!

The RIB boat embarks from Rombaksbotn each Friday and Saturday until September 16th, coordinating with the Vy train schedule.
Tickets are available for purchase as part of our bundled packages listed below. If you're interested in traveling on different days or dates, reach out to the boat operator at 995 38 045 or [email protected] for inquiries.

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Embark on a journey with the Ofoten Railway.

Bane Nor

Experience the Ofoten Railway

A marvellous train journey that take you from the fjord to the mountains, with a dramatic landscape. The railway is one of Northern Norway’s hidden gems. A magical 43 kilometres long train trip from the Northern Atlantic, into the heart of Ofotfjord, and through the huge mountains on the Swedish Lapland borders.

You have the flexibility to disembark at three distinct stations, tailoring the total trip length according to your preference: Riksgränsen station (18km), Bjørnfjell Station (13km), and Katterat Station (6.5km), all leading to Rombaksbotn.

VY departure Narvik 10:39 arrives at Katterat 11:08, Bjørnfjell 11:22 and Riksgränsen 11:25

An easy ramble through a magnificent, untouched landscape of mountains, dales and waterfalls.

Josu Media

Hike on the Navvy Road

Embark on a hike along the Navvy Road, following the path of the navvies who constructed the Ofotbanen Railway before the 1900s. Throughout the entire route, you'll come across remnants of the navvies' presence. Keep an eye out for information boards and ancient ruins to truly immerse yourself in the historical journey.

The path is relatively well-kept, with stone paving and steps, and is manageable by all able-bodied walkers. And, as it’s downhill all the way, there is no exertion involved. There are plenty of benches and campfire areas along the path. Lush vegetation and stunning waterfalls line the route.

The trail culminates in the picturesque Rombaksbotn, once inhabited by the navvies. Though the houses have vanished, echoes of ancient history remain. The backdrop of towering 1500-meter-high mountains against the bay creates a captivating and wild landscape.

Cross the scenic Rombaken fjord via RIB boat

Sverre Hjørnevik

Scenic Boat Ride Back

Embark on a boat ride from Rombaksbotn to Sildvik, passing through the scenic Rombak fjord. You'll also see the WW2 shipwreck Georg Thiele, with the possibility of a stop briefly for photos. This boat journey, about 10-15 minutes long, showcases steep mountains, waterfalls, and the picturesque Rombaksfjord. At Sildvik, switch to a bus for the final leg of the trip, taking around 15-20 minutes to reach Narvik Train Station, arriving around 18:30.

Departure Rombaksbotn stone quay at 17.00

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