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Climbing experiences

The Narvik region offers a number of climbing experiences, both summer and winter.

The areas of Efjord, Skjomen, and Haugfjell spring to mind. We recommend the book guide «Stetind and Narvik – Dancing on the Devil’s Dancefloor» by Mikael af Ekenstam. If you are a beginner who wishes to practise how to place nuts and stoppers, you can find suitable places at Haugfjell and Kleivhøgda. Here are some additional tips for climbing crags in the region


At Haugfjell, north of Narvik. A nice crag with several bolted routes. A few routes also for traditional climbing. Haugfjell also has other climbing crags.



Northeast of Narvik. This is one of the nicest and most easily accessible crags in the Narvik region. Some relatively easy routes, many of which are bolted or accessible for top roping.



The wall has 7 traditional climbing routes with grades ranging from 4- to 6.



Located in Skjomen, about 7 km past Elvegård. Stiberg is a vertical wall with difficult routes. Several technical routes to test your skill. There are also several routes here for trad climbing.



East of Narvik. This crag contains several good routes, graded mainly between 5+ to 8+. Many of the routes are bolted, with a few routes available for trad climbing.



This small crag is almost in the town centre, right by the road to the old airport. The bolted routes here are graded between 5+ to 7.



Eidetinden (847 m) is on some recent maps also known as Stortinden. There are a number of climbing routes available here. On the northern wall there are 3 routes, whereas the south-eastern side has 8 routes and a long traverse.



Kuglhornet (also known as Huglhornet or Kulhornet) is a fantastic place for climbing. The mountain is easily accessible from E6 in Efjord. There are several climbing routes, with perhaps the most well-known being Østkammen – one of the “must-do” routes in the region.



Norway’s national mountain has long been popular among climbers. The summit has very steep sides and must be climbed in order to reach the top. Several options with different approaches.


Indoor climbing gym

The climbing gym (at Kraft Narvik) is located by the university college. The gym has a bouldering room, and four climbing walls, including 2 auto-belays. The walls are 13,5 m tall and offer varied climbing and difficulty levels. Essential climbing gear can be rented from Kraft Narvik.


Ice climbing

The Narvik region offers several places for quality ice climbing, some reachable within minutes. Within a one hour drive there are many more. Rick McGregor has made a guide to ice climbing in the region: (PDF)



There are several small waterfalls right by the road, with possibilities for top rope belaying.



Just past the Rombak bridge there are two waterfalls. Farther on there is a gently inclined waterfall, which makes for good practice for beginners.
Abisko Abisko is one hour’s drive away from Narvik. It freezes early here, and conditions are normally very stable throughout the winter. Varied ice climbing opportunities to make top rope anchors, and with various profiles for different times of the winter.

For more tips and information we refer you to Rick McGregor’s guide.
Thanks to Narvik Climbing Club for the information.