From Fjords to Rivers

Unveiling Diverse Fishing Hotspots in the region.

Angling enthusiasts find a treasure trove of diverse fishing spots in the Narvik region, each with its unique charm and abundant opportunities to reel in a memorable catch.

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Hook, Line, and Sinker: Gear Up at Narvik's Finest Stores.

Artur Schlenker

Fishing gear shops

Equip yourself for the ultimate fishing adventure with specialized gear shops. Sportcentret, Sport1 and Intersport in Narvik offer everything you need, from rods to bait, ensuring you're fully prepared for a successful and enjoyable fishing excursion in the region's waters.

Rule the Waters: Norway's Simple Regulations for Fishing Visitors

Bjørnar Kibsgaard

Regulations for visitors

Fishing permits or other licences are not required either for deep sea fishing or fishing from the shore, provided that you follow a set of simple rules. Read more about the regulations at

Although you do need a fishing licence to go freshwater fishing in lakes, rivers, and streams in Norway. Local landowners and fishing organizations issue licenses, available online or at selected shops, convenience stores, and campsites. These licenses are valid for specific areas and times. For salmon, sea trout, or Arctic char, an extra fee applies along with the fishing license.

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