Cave Hiking

Beneath the Surface

Exploring Salangen's secret subterranean realms.

Listen closely to the distant rush of an underground river and breathe in the scent of forests and rocks. Venture closer, and Sagelvas caves reveal themselves—an experience that'll stay etched in your memory.

Navigate narrow paths through Salangen's ancient caverns.

Michael Ulriksen

Journey into the depths

Salangen harbors concealed caves, shaped over millennia by Sagelva, crafting a hidden underground domain. Join us in mastering the untamed wilderness below. Amidst an exhilarating atmosphere, we navigate rocks, narrow paths, and mysterious holes together.

Discover cavern mysteries with skilled guides, leading to a hidden waterfall.

Michael Ulriksen

From Caverns to Waterfalls

This expedition delves into the mysteries of these caverns, led by experienced guides ensuring safety as we navigate through rocky terrain and narrow pathways. The ultimate reward? The reveal of a concealed waterfall, a breathtaking spectacle awaiting our discovery.

Dive into the depths with the family, exploring subterranean mysteries together.

Michael Ulriksen

A family adventure

Above ground, take in the beauty of nature while enjoying refreshments, making this adventure perfect for families with children as young as three when accompanied by a parent. Dive into the unknown and unearth the wonders that lie beneath the surface on this unforgettable subterranean journey. This expedition suits the whole family, with a minimum age of 3 when accompanied by a parent.

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