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The Narvik region presents an array of captivating climbing opportunities, featuring numerous summits accessible via various routes and difficulty levels.

For those seeking guided climbing adventures, tailored tours are available upon request. The experienced guides in the region boast extensive familiarity with Norway's diverse terrain, spanning from the Alps to the USA, Peru, and Patagonia. They regularly lead expeditions to renowned Norwegian landmarks such as Stetind, Kuglhorn, Svolværgeita, Jiehkkevarri, and the Erfjordtraverse in Kvaløya.

Rest assured, we exclusively collaborate with certified mountain guides of impeccable repute. These guides prioritize guest safety and meticulously design each tour to offer a sense of skill mastery and cherished memories. The mountain guides possess IFMGA certification, a globally recognized three-year education program.

Stetind, Norway's National Mountain

Rune Dahl

Climb Stetind

Embark on an ascent of Norway's iconic national mountain, Stetind. This anvil-shaped peak is a striking sight from a distance and treats climbers to sweeping views of the sea and fjord. The summit offers multiple routes of varying difficulty. The easiest is the standard route, a grade 4+ climb featuring the famous "10 fingercrimps" section. Beyond this, an exposed ridge provides enjoyable climbing leading to the summit. Depending on conditions and fitness level, the normal route typically takes around 10 hours from car to car.

Kuglhorn: A Hidden Gem

Bergbjørn Fjellservice

Climb Kuglhorn

Kuglhorn, a stunning peak nestled in Efjord, offers an enchanting climbing experience and a breathtaking summit. While it may see fewer climbers compared to Stetind, its charm is equally captivating.

The mountain boasts remarkable aesthetics, and its ascent begins with a traverse across the renowned "Verdenssvaet," a vast granite slab. The standard route follows the exposed eastern ridge, presenting Norwegian grade 3-4 climbing that offers a slightly greater challenge than Stetind. From the summit, a panoramic spectacle unfolds, encompassing fjords, mountains, the sea, and surrounding islands in every direction. Kuglhorn's appeal lies in its unspoiled beauty and lesser-known status.

Optimal Exploration in Narvik: Climb Multiple Summits

Bergbjørn Fjellservice

3 Summits in 5 Days

For those seeking an extended Narvik adventure with a desire to conquer multiple summits, booking a 3-climb package over 5 days provides an ideal solution. This arrangement offers enhanced flexibility concerning weather conditions and allows for rest days or other activities in between climbs. Your guide is reserved for a 5-day period, and closer to the dates, you can choose the three best days for climbing based on the weather forecast. You only pay for the three days of guidance. The chosen climbs are tailored to your skill level and preferences. Among the suitable summits for ascent are Stetind, Kuglhorn, Storsteinsfjellet, "The Sleeping Queen," Rombakstøtta, Reka, Hamarøyskaftet, or others.

Discover the World of Ridge Traverses

Bergbjørn Fjellservice

Ridge Traverses

For those with an appetite for extended scrambling expeditions amid towering mountains, there exists a realm of possibilities. These journeys encompass exposed landscapes, narrow ridges, straightforward climbs, and occasional rappels. In the northern reaches of Norway, a diverse selection of ridge-climbing routes awaits, spanning a spectrum of lengths and difficulties, ranging from day-long jaunts to multi-day odysseys. Some routes find their optimal season during winter, making the descent an integral part of the adventure.

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