Mountain Biking

© Rune Dahl
Mountain biking narvikfjellet

Mountain Biking

© Rune Dahl

Mountain Biking

© Rune Dahl
MTB Narvikregion

Our region offers a variety of moutnainbike trails, for people of all levels.
Enjoy a breathtaking view, while the adrenaline pumps as you ride through the wilderness.


Varied cycling with fantastic views

Skarbergflåget is a trip of 2-3 hours of cycling on granite. Departing from the ferry jetty at Skarberget, you go uphill on gravel and granite accompanied by fantastic views. The descent back to the jetty is hard-packed, single-tracked dirt.


Verdenssvaet in Efjord
Fantastic cycling among dramatic mountains

Verdenssvaet in Efjord is a smaller edition of Reinnesfjellet in Skjomen. The hill is a continuous slab of granite with views that will take your breath away. If you are in good shape you can reach the top in half an hour. The substrate is comparable to coarse sandpaper, giving you plenty of traction. Avoid the darker patches, as these may be wet and slippery. At the top there is ample space for play. Treat yourself to a dip in the water pool nearby. NB. Verdenssvaet must only be attempted when dry.


The slab nirvana Reinesfjellet

This is as much of a natural experience as a cycling trip. Definitely visit if you want to experience something out of the ordinary. You create your own trip, from granite slabs to dirt trails. The views of the Skjomen fjord are stunning. The descent is a treat. We recommend it only for experienced rider who know how to handle steep descents. Difficulty level: 4/5 – demanding. Should only be attempted during periods with no precipitation. Length: Ca. 20 kilometer. Total elevation: Ca. 680 meters.



Located as centrally in Narvik as it is possible to get. The facilities of Narvikfjellet offer downhill cycling for different levels, from beginners to World Cup-grading.


© Rune Dahl
Mountain biking in the Narvikregion
Bjørnfjell – Rombaksbotn
The spectacular Navvy road

Along the Ofoten line between Narvik and the Swedish border you will find the Navvy road, a 12 km construction road suited for hikers and cyclists alike. Start your trip from Bjørnfjell station, and manoeuvre your way towards Rombaksbotn along meandering trails created at the end of the 1800s. Originally intended for horse and carriage, the trails are easy to cycle. However, beware of steep drops alongside the trails in some places. Most of the trip from Bjørnfjell to Rombaksbotn is downhill and constitutes a nice day’s trip.
Once down by the fjord you have two options; boat back to Narvik (must be pre-booked) or cycle back up to Bjørnfjell station.


The moon landscapes of Kärkevagge
The trail to Trollsjön in Kärkevagge really gets your imagination going.

Partly rocky and technical, but also stretches of hard-packed, single-tracked dirt trails. The dominant feature of Kärkevagge is the large boulders scattered around everywhere, boasting all kinds of creative shapes stemming from the last ice age.

The Abisko valley
Great cycling along the King’s Trail

The trip between Abisko tourist station and Abiskojaure follows a great trail for anyone with a bit of experience of trail cycling. Varied trails with sand, hardpacked dirt, and wooden planks over the marshes.
The stretch from Abisko to the Abiskojaure-cabins is the first part of the famous King’s , which continues all the way to Hemavan, consisting of 460 km of trails.

Abisko tourist station is a one hour drive away from Narvik.