Fotografens navn

The Official Travel Guide for Narvik

Polar Park

Arctic Wildlife Center - the northernmost animal park in the world.Meet the wolves, brown bears, lynx, arctic foxes, elks, reindeers and other animals from the polar fauna.  Read more >>

The Navvy Road

In the fair, wild nature, the navvy road winds down from the mountains to the fjord. In the deserted valley you can walk in a beautiful scenery, while traces from the navvy ti  Read more >>

Ofotbanen - The Ofoten Railway

Northern Norway's hidden pearl, is the railway between Narvik and Kiruna. The trip takes you through a historical, beautiful and wild landscape. Give yourself the opportuni  Read more >>

The Stone House

Experience art in words and pictures! 

Media Thule

Experience art in words and pictures! 

Morgans Ship

Welcome on board the world's largest wooden sculpture!  Read more >>

Heaven on Earth

Experience art in words and pictures! 

The Portal

Experience art in words and pictures! 


Not only is Stetind Norway's national mountain, it is also a popular mountain for mountaineering and hiking enthuisiasts.  Read more >>

Trollkirka limestone cave

The spectacular Trollkirka in Evenes, is one of Norways longest limestone caves, with pot-holes, deep ravines and cascades, and can only be described as a remarkable nature ex  Read more >>

Hiking and nature walks

In the Narvik region you can go hiking in a landscape filled with contrasts and take nature walks in areas of Cultural Heritage.  Read more >>

Tourist associations in the Narvikregion

In the Narvik region you will find a number of tourist associations and hiking associations that offers to bring you on exciting hiking tours. What about a trip to impressive  Read more >>