Stetind - Norway's Nathional Mountain

The gigantic granite mountain at the heart of Stefjord has been an eye-catching landmark, ever since human existence found place in the region. It is very possible to climb up our impressive national mountain, with the help of one of Narvik region’s certified guides.

The mighty anvil can be seen from a vicarious distance. The mountain has, over the years, inspired and attracted climbers, artists and photographers from far and near to Tysfjord. You will not find something as powerful, as it seems almost unapproachable where it stands, smoothly cut, placed in the middle of Stefjord. A monument of 1392 meters, created by millennial ice sculptors. Smoothly polished into a piece of granite artwork that plunges straight into the sea. This is how it has been magically viewed as part of the Northern Norwegian landscape. In admiration and astonishment, people have treasured the mountain, wondered about it, and felt drawn to it.

The first Ascent

Stetind, which was named Norway’s national mountain in 2002, was first climbed on the 30th of July in 1910 by Fredinand Schjelderup, Carl Wilhelm Rubenson and Alf Bonnevie Bryn. Several well-known climbers from Norway and other countries have tried to reach the top, for the sake of the adventure, and fame. 

Arne Næs - The kind of Stetind

A quarter of a century after the first climb, Arne Næs introduced bolt climbing in Norway. The development of climbing methods was in process in the period 1936-37. Næs climbed the mountain using several different technical routes, which were impressive. The professor established himself as the king of Stetind, and in 1963, he led the first winter ascent of the mountain via the eastern wall. 

One of our most beautiful summits

Stetind is a great experience for those who seek the magical presence of the mountain and its mightiness. Therefore, they will definitely enjoy the view from below. As well as, those who would rather look out over its realm from the top. It is possible in Narvik to book internationally certified mountain guiders who arrange weekly trips to Stetind. 

A successful trip to Stetind is easily possible if you are in good shape, and not afraid of heights. The tour to the summit is considered to be one of the finest and most magnificent tours the country has to offer. 

Can you hear the mountain calling for you? 


The iconic mountain stands ever-exposed, inviting you to capture its majesty. Explore #stetind for inspiration on your next adventure and discover invaluable tips for framing that perfect shot.


Please note that the maps are intended to give the starting point and approximate direction for the trip. They are not intended for precise positioning. You always have to make your own judgments when you are on a trip in the mountains based on what you see and think. TellTur Map

Stetinden map

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