Arctic Sauna Narvik
Arctic Sauna in Narvik
Arctic Sauna Narvik Harbour

Arctic Sauna

Imagine yourself on a floating sauna, alternating between the steaming hot sauna and a refreshing dip in the cold Arctic waters.

Conclude a day of outdoor activities with a session in a cozy, woodpaneled sauna floating on the fjord, allowing the heat to soothe your tired body and mind. Conveniently docked docked in Narvik Harbour, just a short walk from the city center.

Equipped with electric heaters for maximum comfort, the sauna allows you to add fresh water for a steamy experience. You can access the fjord through a hatch inside the sauna, go outside and jump from the main deck or rooftop, or use the ladders for a refreshing plunge. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch sauna experiences for all in Narvik, residents and tourists alike. Try our sauna and discover firsthand why the steam makes our sauna truly shine.

- Hot shower
- Refridgerator for storing cold drinks
- Unisex wardrobe
- Rooftop terrace

Good to know:
- Bring your own towel and swimwear
- The shower has limited capacity and is primarily for rinsing off salt water after bathing or using the sauna
- Facilities are provided for swimming in the sea
- No food in the sauna

- Open every day all year from 9 am to 11 pm.
- Capacity maximum 10 persons
- Duration minimum 1 hour

Price from 250

Product information

Prices from : 250

Product attributes

  • Local Living
  • Outdoor activity