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Kampen om Narvik


Welcome to the Narvikregion
– the living history book

On April 9, 1940, the unthinkable happened. The German fleet sails along the Norwegian coast with the goal of taking control of all major Norwegian cities and ports.
Early in the morning, 10 German destroyers sail into the Ofotfjord, with a course for Narvik. This was the start of 72 days of fierce fighting between German and allied forces, followed by 5 years of occupation.
The Battle of Narvik is an incredibly exciting story and is referred to as Hitler's first defeat.
Now we give you the opportunity to visit the historic sites where the fighting took place between 1940-1945.
The tours through our history can be experienced both on foot and on a bicycle seat. They range from high mountains to deep forests and dark bunkers!


«Keep going, boys! Norway is at stake»

                                -Major Ivar Hyldmo, May 28 1940 during the recapture of Narvik


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