Fiskehallen Narvik
Torje og Sigbjørn på Fiskehallen i Narvik.jpg
Ferske reker i Fiskehallen i Narvik.jpg
Fersk fisk i Fiskehallen Narvik
Fiskehallen Narvik
Fiskehallen Narvik
Fiskehallen Narvik

Fiskehallen - The Fish Market in Narvik

Fiskehallen is the right place if you love fresh and healthy seafood!

Fiskehallen is located in the middle of the center of Narvik. They deliver fresh fish on a daily basis. In addition you can buy dinner from their week menu.

At Fiskehallen you will get fresh fish and seafood every day, the delicasy of the sea is delightful, so we recommend a visit to Fiskehallen for sure!

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  • 01 October
  • 02 October
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  • 05 October
  • 06 October
  • 07 October
  • 08 October
  • 09 October

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  • Local Living