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Galleri My
Galleri My
Galleri My
Galleri My

Gallery My

Welcome to Gallery My!

We are a gallery that sells Lithographs, watercolors, photo art, glass art and ceramics.
Stop by or look through a small selection in our online store.
The gallery has a complete frame workshop with a good selection of frames. Our store abounds at all times with gifts for small and large occasions.
Come and visit us at Kongensgate 34 to see the selection!

Adress: Kongensgate 34
8514 Narvik
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 934 02 257

Opening hours:
Monday 11.00-16.00
Tuesday 11.00-16.00
Wednesday 11.00-16.00
Thursday 11.00-17.00
Friday 11.00-16.00
Saturday 11.00-14.00
Sunday Closed