Vannsøylen utsiktspunkt i Narvik
Vannsøylen utsiktspunkt i Narvik

The Geysir viewpoint in Narvik

One of Narviks most famous view points is at the mini power plant which is at the “gate to Tørradalen” the entrance to a number of hiking trails.

Every day at 13.00 and 21.00 from 1st of June to 31st of August you can experience the Geyser here at Taraldsvik Mini Power Station.

To get here you can walk, bike or drive a car. Here you have great views of both fjord, mountain and city. The most distinctive feature of this view point is what in public is called the water spray (Geysir). The water spray appears well from the city center, and if you are at the mini power plant when the water spray starts you can have a wet experience.

The water that you see from the geyser has passed through 1100 meter tunnel and a 200 meters long pipe, before reaching this point. Water from the Geyser has exceeded 44 bars and produces enough pressure to send the water 75 meters into the air.

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  • 01 June 13:00
  • 01 June 21:00
  • 02 June 13:00
  • 02 June 21:00
  • 03 June 13:00
  • 03 June 21:00
  • 04 June 13:00
  • 04 June 21:00

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