Kaffehaugen Hiking Trail

Starting point: Sandbergan Length: 2.2 km
Time: 1.5 hours t / r
Mas: 225

Follow the floodlit trail for about 1 km before turning right onto a smaller path. The path exits the floodlit trail over a small bridge made of two half logs. From there you follow the marked path all the way to Kaffehaugen. Summer and winter trip. The tour is well and marked with signs. On the trip you can also choose to walk the Troll Path. Then follow the sign that says "Trollstien". After about 500m you will re-enter the floodlit trail to Kaffehaugen.
Sandbergan is the starting point for a great hiking area with many trails. From Kaffehugen you can, among other things, follow the marked path to Mørkevatnet.
Getting there
Description from the municipality center Sjøvegan (Salangen municipality): From Sjøvegan, follow RV 84 / RV 851 westwards towards Setermoen. Just after the church, turn left towards Sandbergan. Park the car at Vasshaug kindergarten and continue foot along the road for 200-300 m until you see the starting point (floodlit trail).