Narvik: Hitler's First Defeat


Delve into a detailed exploration of locations depicting scenes from the movie, Narvik: Hitler's First Defeat.

The movie was a blockbuster hit, quickly becoming one of the top 10 most-watched Norwegian films in recent history. Filmed in the picturesque Narvik region, the movie showcases breathtaking scenes from the Battle of Narvik. We've curated an exclusive overview of real-life locations where you can experience the iconic moments from the film firsthand.

The Vassvik Quay

Eirik Linder Aspelund
This historical location holds great significance in both the cinematic depiction and the actual events of the Battle of Narvik.

Serving as the departure point for the evacuation of civilians, the Qway witnessed the harrowing scenes of people boarding fishing boats to escape the imminent bombardment by Nazi Germany in May/June 1940. Today, Vassvikkaia is just a short stroll away from the city center, easily accessible on foot

The Cabin in Narvikfjellet

Narvikfjellet cabin
Nordisk Film
The cabin, featured in the movie, provided a hiding place for the British consul, offering a remarkable vantage point overlooking Narvik Harbor.

From outside the cabin, you can gaze upon the Narvik harbor where the intense naval battles of April unfolded, immersing you in the film's portrayal of historical events.

For hiking enthusiasts, Narvikfjellet serves as a beloved destination. Follow the scenic "Ytterstien" hiking trail, and it will lead you on a mesmerizing journey towards The Mountain Restaurant. As you hike, be prepared to be captivated by breathtaking views that showcase the natural beauty of the surroundings.


Nordisk Film
Taraldsviktoppen stands as a testament to the unity and courage of the Allied forces, who collaboratively reclaimed Narvik on 28 May 1940.

This strategic location witnessed the triumphant moment when the Norwegian flag was proudly raised, symbolizing the liberation of the city. To reach Taraldsviktoppen, all it takes is a short hike. Lace up your boots, embrace the adventure, and follow the trail that leads you to this small but significant peak. As you ascend, imagine the valiant soldiers who fought tirelessly to reclaim Narvik, paving the way for freedom and peace.


Nordisk Film
Immortalized in the film, Norddalsbrua is today a symbol of the movie Battle of Narvik.

Norddalsbrua, located south of Søsterbekk station, holds great significance. The events of 14 April 1940 saw the Norwegian forces making a valiant effort to destroy the bridge, determined to halt the advancing German troops, just as depicted in the movie. Today, it stands as a testament to the strategic importance of the Ofot Railway and the resilience of the Norwegian forces.

You can catch a glimpse of the bridge while traveling on the railway or reach it by foot via the Navvies road, stretching from Riksgrensen to Rombaksbotn.


Nordisk Film
Located in Havnegata is LKAB's tunnel, famously known as the Bolags tunnel, which served as a shelter during the attacks in 1940.

In 1940, the tunnel served as a vital shelter during the attacks, offering protection from the intense bombardments portrayed in the movie. While the tunnels are now sealed off, the street featured in the film, adorned with beautiful white houses, is conveniently accessible from the city center. Tap into your inner actor or actress and relive that unforgettable movie moment as you walk down the street, bringing the cinematic experience to life in the very location where it originally took place.


Nordisk Film
Embark on a remarkable journey to the historic site of the Allied landing during the Battle of Narvik.

On May 28, 1940, a momentous event occurred when Norwegian, French, English, and Polish soldiers courageously joined forces in an amphibious operation, reclaiming Narvik from enemy control. The gripping scenes of soldiers charging uphill, depicted in the movie, unfolded on this historic ground.

Today, a monument stands at Veteransplassen, honoring the bravery of those who fought in this battle. A walkway has been built, leading from the veteran's square up to the Hålogaland Bridge. From there, you can continue your journey by crossing to Øyjord on the opposite side of the fjord, where the allied amphibious attack originated.

Royal Hotel

Royal Hotell
Nordisk Film
The Royal Hotel, now known as Quality Grand Royal Hotel, played a crucial role as the German headquarters commanded by General Dietl during the Battle of Narvik

Despite its modernized appearance, the hotel maintains a historical concept inspired by the movie and proudly exhibits war-related artifacts. Visiting the hotel provides a fascinating glimpse into its past and is highly recommended for enthusiasts seeking a connection to the film's narrative and historical significance.