The lunar landscapes of Kärkevagge

If you want to cycle on a beautiful flow path in a fantastic lunar landscape, the trip to Trollsjön in Kärkevagge is the trip for you.

When driving from Narvik, drive past the entrance to Vassijaure. The bike ride starts down by a small parking lot on the right side of the E10 where there is a sign marked M. Park here and you will see a sign that shows where Rallarveien goes. Follow the sign up towards the railway line and further up. Follow the path to the right. After a few minutes you will be at the crossroads where you can see the sign for Trollsjön.

The first part is very rocky and technical so there is a lot of pushing the bike upwards. But when you get over the bend, you will find a nice hard-packed singletrack trail. What is special about Kärkevagge are the large stones, that are everywhere in all shapes after the last ice age. A fantastic view over the valley. The last part up to Trollsjön is the technical cycling upwards with a little pushing. Well up you can look out over Sweden's clearest lake which is 34 meters deep and where on a sunny day you can see all the way to the bottom.

Lengde: 12Km

Area: Vassijaure, Sweden

Parking: Parking lot by the E10

Difficulty (1-5): 3

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