Web and product listings

Our website had 100,000 page views in 2021. Members of Visit Narvik get:

- Listing of the company on

- Listing of 1 product on

Members submit their own information and photos for their own listings.

Visit Narvik strives to update products before each season, and members are reminded of this by email. By having a listing on, members will also automatically have a listing on


Social media

We will work actively on Facebook and Instagram to create a desire to travel to the destination. In content that is produced and published through these channels, we will exclusively highlight our members where it is natural. We will consistently consider whether we should be active on more social media channels to make our members visible.


Content production

Throughout the year, Visit Narvik will produce content to promote the destination. This includes photography, video, and articles. Our members are always prioritized, and are made visible. We produce the Official Travel Guide Narvikregion for Narvik and city maps every year where members are represented.



We will make the destinations visible through campaigns. This includes analogue and digital campaigns. During the year, we have regular promotions that we run that are carefully planned based on which markets we wish to reach during certain periods. In addition to this, we will evaluate the need for other possible campaigns during the year.

As a member, you will get an offer to participate in some campaigns at an additional cost, see Plus-Products.


Event Calendar

Our site "Event Calendar" is a calendar where events at the destination are made visible. It is also visible through the local newspaper Fremover. Members can give us a tip, or post events in the calendar themselves.


Workshops and fairs

We will participate in various workshops and fairs in selected markets in accordance with Visit Narvik's strategy, where we will sell Narvik as a travel destination. Here, members are sold in exclusively through meetings with Tour Operators and Agents, as well as self-produced material. At some workshops and fairs, the organizers offer members themselves a chance to participate in addition to the destination company.

Tourist infomation

Visit Narvik runs the Tourist information in Narvik, Kjøpsvik, and Ballangen. The Tourist Information is the point of contact for guests, before and during the trip, for individual travellers, groups and cruises. The staff of the Tourist Information will exclusively recommend our members activities, dining, shopping and transportation.