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Verdenssvaet in Efjord



















One of the world's largest continuous rock formations is more than geological fun. It is a mountain tour that is equally suitable for cyclists and walkers. Easy trip. Raw view. Even rougher hiking area.

Verdenssvaet in Efjord is one of the world's largest continuous rock surface. In addition, the surroundings, with high mountains and blue sea, are absolutely fantastic. Walking on Verdensvaet is truly an experience that you won't find anywhere else in Norway. The trip is perfect as a family trip. At the top there is also a small water that you can refresh yourself in if you want.

This is one of the region's most unique and magnificent family tours, located in the middle of the adventurous Efjord. The entire trip up Verdensvaet takes place on a huge granite surface surrounded by magical peaks, blue seas and beautiful mountain lakes. The Verdenssvaet is one and a half kilometers long and up to 350 meters wide, polished and dragged by the ice's movements into one of the world's largest continuous rock surfaces. Walking on Verdensvaet will easily be the most memorable thing you do this summer.

On hot summer days, you can enjoy a refreshing bath in the small mountain water that lies on the flat above Verdenssvaet.

  • Marked path from E6 to the bottom of the rock formation
  • Suitable for everyone, the last part can be a bit steep for small children
  • Fantastic view of the Efjord and the surrounding mountains.
  • Be careful when crossing dark parts of the rock or areas with flowing water. In general, you must be very careful not to walk in areas with algae growth, which can vary from year to year.
  • Even if the grip on the granite is good, the trip is not recommended in rainy weather, as it can be difficult to distinguish the smooth parts with moss and algae growth when everything is wet.
  • Be careful on the upper part of the rock formation, the trail is somewhat steep.
Svadet map

Please note that the maps are intended to give the starting point and approximate direction for the trip. They are not intended for precise positioning. You always have to make your own judgments when you are on a trip in the mountains based on what you see and think.

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Practical Information

Verdenssvaet is located in Efjord, about 1 hour's drive south of Narvik. Efjord is a fjord parallel to Ofotfjorden in Narvik municipality.

You can park at the car park in Leirpollmarka in Efjord, on the ascent to Skjellevikskaret.

Approximately from June - September. It is important that the snow has melted and the snow is dry before you go on this trip.

Easy – Green grading

Suitable for:
Hiking trails with green gradation are suitable for beginners and requires no special skills or equipment. Mainly short walks.

Type of path and terrain:
Tarmac, gravel, forest roads and good paths. Work done on paths to enable easy walking. Firm, even and obstruction-free path. No streams to be crossed.

Altitude metres, maximum trip length:
Elevation difference: less than 300 metres. Max length: 5 km.

Degree of elevation and exposure:
Moderate ascents, but no steep or difficult sections.