Timeless Monuments

Sculpting History

Testaments to the region's rich heritage and pivotal moments in history.

From commemorating wartime resilience to celebrating cultural significance, these monuments offer a heartfelt glimpse into Narvik's past and present.

With elegance and grace, the statue embodies the enduring spirit of life and liberty.

Kalle Punsvik

The Freedom Mounument

Depicting a slender woman holding a child high in her arm, symbolizing life emerging from chaos. A rosebud at the base of the statue represents growth. Sculpted by Finn Eriksen, the monument was unveiled at Narvik Town Square on June 30, 1956.

Visitors pause at Grom's Place to remember the bravery of those who sacrificed their lives in wartime.

Andrzej Jaracz

Grom's Place

A Polish monument in Narvik dedicated to soldiers and sailors who fell during the 1940 battles. Unveiled in 1979 at Grom's Place park in Taraldsvik, this monument by Professor Bogdan Chmielewski commemorates the sunken Polish destroyer "Grom" and the brave sailors aboard.

Symbolizing hard work and dedication, the Navvy monument commands attention in its intricate detail.


The Navvy monument

The monument was raised to honor the labor of the workers who constructed the Ofot Line from Kiruna to Narvik. Unveiled by King Olav V on July 17, 1959, the statue, crafted by sculptor Trygve Thorsen, stands proudly in Gulbrandsons Park.