Scenic Viewpoints

Step into Serenity

Explore Narvik's walkable viewpoints near the city center.

Narvik's charm extends beyond its city center, with scenic viewpoints just a short stroll away. Discover these picturesque spots offering captivating vistas within walking distance from the heart of the city.

The Mountain Restaurant's Panoramic Perspective.

Sverre Hjornevik

The Mountain Restaurant

The Lookout at the Mountain Restaurant (656 m.a.s.l) in Narvikfjellet offers an incredible panoramic view. Accessible by cable car or foot this vantage point reveals the city's skyline against a backdrop of stunning fjords and mountain ranges. Enjoy the crisp arctic air and the ever-changing vistas, particularly during the captivating midnight sun or the enchanting Northern Lights.

Marvel at the Spectacular Water Jet in Narvik.

Kalle Punsvik

The Geyser

Narvik features a renowned viewpoint at the mini power plant, marking the start of the Tøttadalen hiking trails. Witness the daily Geyser spectacle at 13:00 and 21:00 from June 1st to August 31st. Accessible by walking, biking, or driving, this spot offers breathtaking views of fjords, mountains, and the city. The Geyser shoots water 75 meters high, sourced from a 1,100-meter tunnel under immense pressure.

Marvel at the Spectacular Water Jet in Narvik

Rune Dahl


The favored hiking area features several easily accessible viewpoints along the trail, each adorned with benches and offering splendid vistas of the city, mountains, fjords and the Hålogaland bridge.

Enjoying the Vistas of Tøttadalen's Hiking Area.


Gulbrandsons Park

Nestled nearby in Gulbrandsons Park is an elevated overlook, accessible by a short pleasant walk. Enjoy a serene escape from the bustling city center and relish the tranquil atmosphere while taking in the picturesque views of Narvik's cityscape framed by lush greenery.