Mountain Biking at Abiskodalen

Great cycling on the kungsleden

The trip between Abisko tourist station and Abiskojaure cottage is a great trail for anyone with some experience on a trail bike. You can expect hilly cycling in varied terrain, and you get royal training in mastering the noble arts of rock cycling. Between the cliffs, you cycle on a hard-packed soil / sand path where you decide the speed based on your condition. The section from Abisko to the Abiskojaure cabins is the first part of the famous Kungsleden which goes all the way down to Hemavan and is a total of 460 km.
A fantastic nature in Abisko National Park.

From Narvik it takes one hour to drive up to Abisko Tourist Station. Park at the station, cycle over the E10 and to the right on the gravel road and onto the portal that indicates the start of Kungsleden.

Lengde: 14Km

Area: Abisko, Sverige

Parking: Abisko Tourist station

Difficulty (1-5): 3

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