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Narvik Kulturhus

Experience a wide variety of cultural events at Narvik Kulturhus.

Narvik Kulturhus is located in the city center of Narvik, with a short distance to hotels and restaurants.
Narvik Kulturhus has two halls and gallery; where concerts are performed from rock to major classical productions, theater and dance. In addition to major and minor courses and conferences.

To see happenings at Narvik Kulturhus: www.narvikkulturhus.no/program/

- The Theatre has 500 seats. In combination stand and seating capacity is 1000 person.
- Mørkholla has 180 seats, and 250 persons if stading.

Opening hours:
Office hours are 08.00-15.30 (Monday-Friday)
Kulturhuset is opening 1 hour before shows.

Tickets can be purchased at: www.narvikkulturhus.no

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  • Group Activity