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Narvik 2027

Narvik - Official FIS Alpine World Ski Championship Candidate 2027

The FIS Alpine World Ski Championship is the world’s 2nd largest winter sports event after the Winter Olympic Games, and now it is time for the world to experience the event with unique arctic surroundings in Northern Norway, Narvik!

Narvik and Narvikfjellet has been the venue of several top-level alpine sports events throughout history, with the World Cup, European Cup, JR AWSC and national championships as the most prestigious events. Now it’s time to take a step forward after the organizational success of the FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships in Narvik 2020. For the first time in history, Norway and Narvik have been given the opportunity and necessary guarantees to hold one of the most prestigious sport events in the world. This commitment is a result of organizational success and recognition achieved over several years with magnificent Norwegian results in the slopes, development of world-class Norwegian skiers and a rock solid organizational competence in holding prestigious sporting events in Norway. A common and unanimous will, both nationally and regionally, represents a strong desire to take the next step. FIS Alpine World Ski Championship – We welcome you to the Arctic!

Kjell Gerald Karlsen

Why Narvik became the Norwegian applicant

Conclusion of the Norwegian Ski Association Committee

«Narvik has presented a concept that meets FIS` demands for alpine world ski championship. The Evaluation Committee strongly believes this candidate can win the international competition and bring the event to Norway. All race courses have excellent profiles in a very compact race arena in Narvikfjellet close to the city center. This compactness is – for FIS ASWC– a considerable advantage related to transportation, accommodation, sport organization, athletes, sponsors, media and TV-production, as well as the overall ski festival including the ceremonies.

The spectacular sea and mountain backdrop and the noticeable regional enthusiasm and support are x-factors we trust will offer unique experiences and pictures that are beyond expectations. Narvik has provided a solid financing plan, showing regional financing will and ability, making it possible to choose Narvik as candidate despite high investment needs.»

Torje Kosmo Karlsen

Unique location above the Arctic Circle

Polar Night and northern lights, but still enough daylight to carry out the event with required flexibility.

Steep mountains and deep ice blue fjords, silence and crisp winter air. Slopes that dive into the sea, with views of wild north-Norwegian nature that takes your breath away. An untouched landscape, created for great alpine experiences. An AWSC in Narvik will provide memories for life, both for the athletes, the spectators and everyone who will contribute during the event.

Torje Kosmo Karlsen

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Rapid changes on green solutions indicate that it is hard to predict exact solutions for years ahead. Nevertheless, Narvik will stage the most sustainable world class winter sport event ever.

Our goal is to establish a standard and inspire the world to endeavor to a sustainable future. Narvik will implement several actions belonging to the respective phases of planning, construction and organizing the event. Some examples:

Narvik will take lead in transmission from fossil to renewable society, and establish an education program for environmentally friendly operation of mountain resorts. Cruise ships as floating hotels legitimizes a sustainable solution regarding accommodation during the event. The compact concept will reduce internal transport and the city gondola will additionally reduce car traffic and make it a city of pedestrians. All courses and lifts will be put into commercial use after FIS AWSC, and Gondolas will be the artery also for summer traffic in the mountain. New snow guns will predominate the snow system and ensure energy efficient snow production in the future. Hosting the event in arctic surroundings emphasizes the need to minimize the environmental impact.

Torje Kosmo Karlsen

Compact and easily accessible

An AWSC in Narvik will require minimal transport of both athletes, support system, spectators, media and the organization of the championship.

A common finish area, within walking distance of the festival area and the medal ceremonies in the city center of Narvik, makes the event both compact and easy accessible. All events during the championship are centered around the city center of Narvik, with accommodation and restaurant in the immediate vicinity.

Narvik is located as a transport hub in northern Norway, with 1 hour drive from the nearest major airport and easy access by car, train, bus and ship.

Torje Kosmo Karlsen

United Norway

Like all three other candidates, Narvik will arrange an event that meets all FIS’ requirements for the implementation of an AWSC.

The difference is that we will do it as a united Norway, with pride, humility, cutting-edge expertise, and a common feasibility that will give the event an extra dimension. The whole country, with an extra strong commitment in northern Norway, is ready to host a first-class world championship in Narvik!


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