Narvikguten Pub
Narvikguten Pub i gate 2
Narvikguten Pub
Narvikguten Pub
Narvikguten Pub

Narvikguten Pub

Welcome to Narvik legendary pub - "Narvikguten"

The pub has history far back in time and was established in 1973. In 1996, the Narvikguten Pub is located, in what the Narvik locals call "Gate 2" second street, also known as the "Dronninges gate".

Events of various kinds can be held here, from birthdays to staff parties, Christmas parties and themed parties. In addition, there is a sports event on Television, where, among other things.

Local troubadours aften visit "Guten" and invite to a good mood.

"Guten" is a popular place and is visited by the entire population of the city.

Capacity: 90

Christmas 2019:
Closed: 1st Easter Day, Christmas Eve, 1 Christmas Day and New Year's Eve and 1st New Year's Day. Otherwise normal opening hours.
This year it may be open Christmas Eve but it has not been decided yet. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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